Victorian Numbered Regulations

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Reconsideration of order of Costs Judge

    (1)     If any party interested objects to an order of the Costs Court constituted by a Costs Judge

        (a)     allowing or disallowing, wholly or in part, any item in a bill; or

        (b)     allowing some amount in respect of any item—

the Costs Court constituted by that Costs Judge, on the application of that party, may reconsider the order.

    (2)     An application under paragraph (1) shall be made by notice.

    (3)     The notice under paragraph (2) shall—

        (a)     state by a list each item in the bill in respect of which the party objects to the order of the Costs Court constituted by a Costs Judge; and

        (b)     state specifically and concisely the grounds of objection to that order and the order sought in its place.

    (4)     Within 14 days after the making of the order which is the subject of reconsideration—

        (a)     the notice under paragraph (2) shall be filed; and

        (b)     a copy of the notice shall be served on each party interested.

    (5)     Upon the application, the Costs Court constituted by a Costs Judge

        (a)     shall reconsider the taxation upon the objections stated in the notice;

        (b)     shall make an order confirming, setting aside or varying the taxation or make such further or other order as may be necessary; and

        (c)     may make any other order the case requires.

    (6)     For the purposes of the reconsideration, the Costs Court constituted by a Costs Judge may receive further evidence in respect of any objection.

    (7)     The Costs Court constituted by a Costs Judge may, and if required by any party within seven days after the order is made under paragraph (5) shall, give written reasons for the decision in respect of any item in the bill to which objection was taken in the notice.

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