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47C .         Recreational skipper’s ticket

        (1)         Subject to regulations 47G and  47GB, the CEO is to grant a recreational skipper’s ticket to a person who applies in accordance with subregulation (3), if satisfied that the person meets the recreational skipper’s competency requirements.

        (2)         The CEO may, in satisfaction of the requirement imposed by subregulation (1) —

            (a)         accept evidence from a person or body approved by the CEO for that purpose; or

            (b)         accept possession by the applicant of a higher qualification or a foreign skipper’s ticket.

        (3)         An application for a recreational skipper’s ticket —

            (a)         is to be made to the CEO in writing in a form specified by the Minister; and

            (b)         is to be accompanied by evidence that the applicant meets the recreational skipper’s competency requirements; and

            (ba)         must be accompanied by a fee of $32.55; and

            (c)         may be lodged —

                  (i)         by the applicant; or

                  (ii)         if lodged with evidence of the kind referred to in subregulation (2)(a), by the examiner on behalf of the applicant.

        (4)         If an applicant has lodged an application together with evidence of the kind referred to in subregulation (2)(a) and the fee referred to in subregulation (3)(ba), the applicant is taken to hold a recreational skipper’s ticket until he or she receives —

            (a)         a recreational skipper’s ticket; or

            (b)         written notice that the CEO has refused the application.

        (5)         The CEO is to issue a replacement recreational skipper’s ticket —

            (a)         when the CEO is notified under regulation 47I of a change to the ticket holder’s name or address; or

            (b)         at the request of the ticket holder, if —

                  (i)         the CEO is satisfied that the original ticket has been lost, damaged or destroyed; and

                  (ii)         the ticket holder pays a replacement fee of $24.60.

        (6)         The CEO may issue a replacement recreational skipper’s ticket at any other time if the CEO considers it appropriate.

        (7)         In this regulation —

        higher qualification means —

            (a)         a certificate of competency or certificate of proficiency granted or recognised under the W.A. Marine (Certificates of Competency and Safety Manning) Regulations 1983 other than a certificate of competency as —

                  (i)         Coxswain Instructor of commercial ski‑boat; or

                  (ii)         Marine Engineer Class III; or

                  (iii)         Marine Engine Driver Grade I; or

                  (iv)         Marine Engine Driver Grade II;


            (b)         any other qualification the prerequisites for which, in the CEO’s opinion, require a person to meet or exceed the recreational skipper’s competency requirements.

        [Regulation 47C inserted: Gazette 10 Feb 2006 p. 671‑2; amended: Gazette 14 Jun 2013 p. 2238; 27 May 2016 p. 1551; 26 May 2017 p. 2641; 25 May 2018 p. 1640‑1; 17 May 2019 p. 1438; SL 2020/60 r. 8; SL 2021/68 r. 14; SL 2022/56 r. 6; SL 2023/45 r. 15; SL 2024/62 r. 4.]

[ 47CA.         Deleted: Gazette 25 Jul 2014 p. 2583.]

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