Western Australian Current Regulations

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   PART I -- Preliminary  

   1.      Citation and commencement  
   2.      Terms used  
   2A.     Measurement of distance  
   3.      Responsibility of master and owner  
   3A.     When emergency vessels exempt  
   3B.     International Organization for Standardization

   PART II -- General good order regulations  

   4.       Regulations, application of  
   5.      Inspection of vessels  
   6.      Lifesaving equipment not to be interfered with  
   6A.     Owner of vessel to comply with directions  
   7.      Aids to navigation not to be interfered with  
   8.      Rubbish  
   9.      Sand below high water mark not to be interfered with  
   10.     Conduct on or near vessels, public jetties or bridges  
   10A.    Areas for swimming  
   11.     Swimming from public jetty to be at own risk  
   12.     Regattas  
   13.     Prevention of Collisions at Sea Regulations 1983 apply  
   14.     Vessel not to be used to cause nuisance or damage  
   14A.    Safe navigation of vessels  
   14B.    Passengers to keep within certain limits of vessel during navigation  
   15.     Towing vessels  
   16.     Inflammable liquid  
   17.     Two vessels leaving adjacent berths at the same time  
   18.     Right of way when approaching jetties  
   18A.    At least 2 persons to man sea going vessel  
   19A.    Speed limit in Swan and Canning Rivers  
   19B.    Use of signals and flares etc.  
   19C.    Master to display diving signals during diving  
   19D.    Person to display certain signals when diving otherwise than from vessel  
   19E.    Precautions when approaching diving operations  
   19F.    Owner of vessel to supply driver’s name and address  
   19G.    Certificates of appointment  
   19H.    Declaration of emergency vessel  
   19I.    Flashing blue lamps  
   20.     Penalties

   PART III -- Use of public jetties  

   21.     Terms used  
   22.     Application of this Part  
   23.     Jetties to be in accordance with these regulations  
   24.      Vessels moored to jetties  
   25.     Vessels not to remain at jetties  
   26.     Cargo or property not to be left on jetties  
   27.     Explosives not to be landed on jetties  
   28.     Vehicles and bicycles on jetties  
   29.     Written permission required for bulk cargoes  
   30.     Damage to jetties  
   31.     Fishing from public bridges and jetties  
   32.     Hawking, meetings etc. prohibited  
   33.     Gangways to be provided  
   34.     Material not to be removed without permission  
   35.     Obstruction of jetties or officer  
   36.     Penalties

   PART IV -- Berthing and mooring  

   37.     Application of this Part  
   38.     Vessels to be moored, berthed or take their departure as directed  
   39.     Vessels and moorings not to be interfered with  
   40.     Penalties

   PART V -- Obstruction and wrecks  

   41.     Application of this Part  
   42.     Vessels not to be moored in fairway or channel  
   43.     Channels or fairways not to be obstructed by nets etc.  
   44.     Beached vessels to be removed by owner or officer  
   45.     Penalties

   PART 5A -- Registration of private pleasure vessels  

   45A.    Terms used and application of this Part  
   45AA.   Accreditation of persons as hull identification number providers  
   45AB.   Accreditation of persons as hull identification number examiners  
   45AC.   Provisions relating to accreditation of hull identification number providers and examiners  
   45AD.   Transitional provisions regarding accreditation of hull identification number providers and examiners  
   45B.    Registration of vessels  
   45BAA.  Registration of foreign pleasure vessels  
   45BAB.  Chief executive officer may issue registration stickers  
   45BA.   Dealers plates  
   45C.    Duration of registration etc.  
   45D.    Owners to furnish particulars of changes of address etc.  
   45E.    Transfers of vessels  
   45EA.   Altering hull identification number prohibited  
   45EB.   Duty of owner to reaffix hull identification number  
   45F.    Penalties

   PART 6 -- Private pleasure vessels

           Division 1 -- Preliminary  

   46.     Terms used

           Division 2 -- Recreational skippers’ tickets  

   47.     Terms used  
   47A.    Authority to drive motor boats and RST vessels  
   47B.    Learner deemed to be directly supervised  
   47C.    Recreational skipper’s ticket  
   47D.    Recreational skipper’s ticket, conditions on  
   47E.    Interstate or overseas ticket valid for 3 months  
   47F.    Exemptions  
   47G.    Recreational skipper’s ticket, CEO may refuse, cancel or suspend  
   47H.    Ticket to be produced on request  
   47I.    Ticket holder to notify change of details  
   48.     Limitation of speed, water ski-ing and para-sailing  
   48A.    Areas for speed boats and water ski‑ing  
   49.     Driver to be accompanied and to be alert  
   49C.    Driving speed boats behind skiers  
   49D.    Right of way when landing a water skier  
   49E.    Ski ropes  
   49F.    Towing trick water skiers  
   49G.    Towing skiers near landing or take‑off areas  
   49H.    Ski line to be retrieved  
   49I.    Driver of speed boat not to approach shore where skier has landed  
   49J.    Sitting on gunwale or back of driver’s seat prohibited  
   49K.    Water skis to be retrieved immediately  
   49M.    Restrictions on slalom ski‑ing or ski‑jumping  
   50.     Towing of water skier prohibited at certain times  
   50A.    Restrictions on freestyle driving, surfing and wave jumping on personal watercraft

           Division 4 -- Lifejackets  

   50B.    Lifejackets to be worn on vessels

           Division 5 -- Sailboard riding  

   50C.    Restrictions on sailboard riding

           Division 6 -- Motor boats  

   51.     Silencers on motor boats  
   51A.    Motor boats not to emit smoke or vapour

           Division 7 -- Aquatic sport events  

   51C.    Organized races, displays, regattas and aquatic sports

           Division 8 -- Equipment and safety  

   52A.    Vessels being navigated to be equipped with lifejackets  
   52B.    Vessels to be equipped with certain distress signals  
   52BAA.  Certain vessels to be equipped with marine transceiver  
   52BAB.  Certain vessels to carry locator beacons  
   52BAC.  Sailboard riders to carry lifejackets, distress signals and emergency beacons  
   52BAD.  Owners to ensure recreational paddle craft are equipped with lifejackets, distress signals and emergency beacons  
   52BA.   Equipment to be maintained in serviceable condition and readily accessible  
   52BB.   Lifejacket worn on personal watercraft to be maintained in serviceable condition  
   52CA.   Chief executive officer may grant exemption from compliance with r. 52A, 52B, 52BAC and 52BAD  
   52D.    Person in charge of vessel, sailboard or recreational paddle craft in unsafe circumstances to obey directions of departmental officer  
   52E.    Storage and use of fuel in motor boats  
   52F.    Ventilation of engine compartment  
   52G.    Navigation lights  
   52H.    Reporting accidents and fires

           Division 9 -- Offences and penalties  

   53.     Offences and penalties

   PART VIII -- Miscellaneous  

   68.     Duty of owner or person navigating vessel  
   69.     Form of warrant
           SCHEDULE 1

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