Western Australian Current Regulations

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48A .         Areas for speed boats and water ski‑ing

        (1)         The chief executive officer may, by notice published in the Government Gazette  — 

            (a)         limit the speed of any specified class or classes of motor boat, in any navigable waters therein defined;

            (b)         define and set aside any area of navigable waters for the purpose of racing by speed boats of which the owners have been granted permission to race by the chief executive officer;

            (c)         define and set aside, and impose conditions on the use of, any area of navigable waters for the purposes of para‑sailing or water ski‑ing and, where he sees fit, specify times when that area may be so used and may by that notice, permit the use in accordance with that notice of any waters mentioned in regulation 48(a), for that purpose;

            (d)         vary or cancel any previous notice under this subregulation.

        (2)         A person shall not race a motor boat, or drive a motor boat towing a para‑sailor or a water skier in any navigable waters, except in an area defined and set aside by the chief executive officer for the purpose and, where times during which the area may be so used have been specified under subregulation (1)(c), during those times, and where the chief executive officer has imposed any conditions on the racing of speed boats, on para‑sailing or on water ski‑ing, in any such defined area, a person failing to comply with those conditions commits an offence.

        (3)         Where, under the provisions of this regulation, the chief executive officer defines and sets aside any area of navigable waters, for a specified purpose, he may, at the same or any other time order that those waters be not used for any but the specified purpose; and a person shall not thereupon, use those waters for any but the specified purpose.

        [Regulation 48A inserted: Gazette 19 Dec 1962 p. 4016; amended: Gazette 16 Dec 1963 p. 3876; 16 Oct 1970 p. 3206; 12 Jul 1974 p. 2625; 16 May 1986 p. 1661; 11 Aug 1992 p. 3975‑6; 28 Aug 1992 p. 4241.]

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