Western Australian Current Regulations

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52B .         Vessels to be equipped with certain distress signals

        (1AA)         For the purposes of this regulation, a vessel is taken not to be equipped with a particular distress signal if —

            (a)         the distress signal has a date of expiry marked on it by its manufacturer; and

            (b)         the date of expiry has passed.

        (1)         The owner of a vessel must ensure that the vessel, while being navigated outside protected waters and more than 400 m from any shore, is equipped with the following distress signals —

            (a)         not fewer than —

                  (i)         2 red hand held flares; and

                  (ii)         2 orange hand held flares;


            (b)         an approved electronic visual distress signal if —

                  (i)         the vessel is also equipped with an Emergency Position‑Indicating Radio Beacon that is GNSS‑equipped; or

                  (ii)         a personal locator beacon that is GNSS‑equipped is attached to a person on board the vessel;


            (c)         before 1 September 2026, not fewer than —

                  (i)         2 orange hand held flares; and

                  (ii)         2 parachute distress rockets.

        [(1a), (2)         deleted]

        (2AA)         The distress signals required by subregulation (1)(a) and (c) must comply with —

            (a)         the Marine Orders Part 25 (Commonwealth); or

            (b)         Australian Standard 2092‑2004 Pyrotechnic marine distress flares and signals for pleasure craft published by Standards Australia on 10 May 2004.

        [(2A)         deleted]

        (3)         An owner who contravenes this regulation commits an offence.

        [Regulation 52B inserted: Gazette 22 Aug 1975 p. 3044; amended: Gazette 11 May 1990 p. 2283; 31 Dec 1993 p. 6913‑14; 24 Apr 1998 p. 2164; 24 Oct 2008 p. 4670; 11 Dec 2009 p. 5059; 13 Dec 2013 p. 6177; 25 Jul 2014 p. 2584; 3 Mar 2017 p. 1489; SL 2023/135 r. 29.]

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