Western Australian Repealed Regulations

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This legislation has been repealed.


69 .         Computation of wharfage handling, etc.

        (1)         All dues and charges on cargo shall, except where otherwise provided, be computed on their weights or measurements or the weights and measurements given in the ship’s manifest, bill of lading, or other shipping document for that cargo, but it is competent for the Port Authority at its own option, to proceed on a basis of the tonne of 1000 kilograms, or the cubic metre, or the kilolitre, and the fractions of these units shall be charged on a pro rata basis.

        [(2)         repealed]

        (3)         In every case the gross weight or gross measurement shall be that applicable and the Port Authority reserves the right, at any time, to demand that goods be reweighed or remeasured in the presence of an officer of the Port Authority and at the expense of the owner of the cargo.

        (4)         Charges on goods enumerated hereunder shall be computed on the basis following, that is to say: — 

Boats, launches, etc. .............

cubic measurement less 40%;

Cylindrical cargo, except otherwise stated.....................

cubic measurement on external dimensions less 20% unless the weight is then greater;

Oil and inflammable liquids, in bulk (fuel lighting and lubricating)............................

per kilolitre.

        [Regulation 69 amended in Gazette 21 September 1973 p.3530.]

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