Western Australian Repealed Regulations

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This legislation has been repealed.


604B .         Driver to give way

        (1)         Subject to subregulation (2) where a vehicle being driven upon a carriageway is approaching an omnibus that is about to be driven, or is being driven out, from a bus embayment, the driver of the approaching vehicle shall give way to the omnibus if — 

            (a)         the driver of the omnibus is displaying the appropriate signal as prescribed by regulation 803;

            (b)         the omnibus has affixed on the rear at the off-side a sign, having a minimum area of 0.125 square metres, in or similar to the diagram illustrated in regulation 604A; and

            (c)         the speed limit applicable, pursuant to regulation 1001 to the portion of the carriageway on which the bus embayment is situated, is not more than 70 kilometres per hour.

        (2)         Where a bus embayment is situated on a laned carriageway, subregulation (1) shall only apply to the driver of a vehicle travelling in the lane adjacent to the left-hand boundary of the carriageway.

        [Regulation 604B inserted in Gazette 11 December 1987 p.4380.]

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