Western Australian Repealed Regulations

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This legislation has been repealed.



   PART I -- Preliminary  

   101.    Citation
   103.    Definitions
   104.    Delineation of parking areas, etc.
   105.    Direction of arrows on signs

   PART II -- Scope and effect of regulations  

   201.     Scope of regulations
   202.     Obedience to patrolmen or firemen
   203.    Certain workers exempt from regulations
   203A.    Accredited pilots and drivers of escorted over-dimensional vehicles exempt from certain regulations
   204.     Exemptions for emergency vehicles and certain special purpose vehicles
   205.5.  No obstruction of patrolmen

   PART III -- Erection and operation of traffic-control signals and traffic signs  

   301.    Power to erect traffic-control signals and traffic signs
   302.    Limits on operation of signs
   303.    All traffic-control signals and traffic signs to be operative
   304.    Inscriptions on signs to have effect according to their tenor
   305.    Operation of signs on holidays
   306.6.  Display of dazzling lights, etc.
   307.    Temporary closure of or restriction on the use of roads

   PART IV -- Obedience to traffic-control signals and signs  

   401.    Obedience to traffic-control signals
   402.    Obedience to traffic signs
   403.    Driving in bus-taxi lane
   404.    Driving in contra flow bus lane

   PART V -- Driving on the left and overtaking  

   501.    Keeping as far left as practicable
   502.    Overtaking
   503.    Restriction on use of right lane
   504.    Passing vehicles
   505.    Moving to left for overtaking vehicles
   506.    Driving in lanes on carriageways
   507.    Driving through roundabouts
   508.    Keeping left of double lines
   509.    Following too closely
   510.    Driving on divided road
   511.    Passing when road ahead is obscured
   512.    Driving in contra flow bus lane

   PART VI -- Right of way and giving way  

   601.    Requirement of giving way
   602.    Right of way at intersections
   603.    Right of way during turns
   604.    Movements to or from parked position
   604A.   Priority for omnibus
   604B.   Driver to give way
   605.    Action on approach of emergency vehicles
   606.    Entering or leaving a road or carriageway
   607.    No entry to choked intersection
   608.    Right of way in roundabouts
   609.    Right of way at three-way intersections
   610.    Right of way leaving an unsealed road

   PART VII -- Pedestrians and pedestrian crossings  

   701.    Pedestrian crossings
   701A.   Dual use paths
   702.    Duties of pedestrians on footways and crossings
   703.    Restriction of pedestrians on carriageways and crossings
   704.    Pedestrians on carriageways
   705.    Children’s crossings
   706.5.  Obstruction by pedestrians
   707.    Blind pedestrian
   708.    Person in motorized wheel chair to give way

   PART VIII -- Turning, starting and stopping  

   801.    Left turns
   802.    Right turns
   803.    Drivers to give signals
   804.    Use of signalling devices
   805.    U turns

   PART IX -- Railway level crossings  

   901.    Stopping at level crossings

   PART X -- Speed restrictions  

   1001.   Speed limits
   1002.8. Motor cyclist with pillion passenger
   1003.   Restrictions where road under repair, etc.

   PART XI -- Stopping and parking vehicles  

   1101.   Vehicles not to be left in certain areas
   1102.   Method of parking vehicles
   1103.   Method of parking in parking areas
   1104.   Prohibited standing places
   1105.   Intentional obstruction of carriageway
   1106.   Restriction on parking of long vehicles
   1107.5. Restriction on standing vehicle on crests, curves, etc.
   1108.   Offence against by-law not offence against this Code

   PART XII -- Lighting, warning signs, equipment, etc.  

   1201.   Lights on moving motor vehicles
   1202.   Dipping of headlamps
   1202A.  Lights on vehicles in contra flow bus lane
   1203.   Lights on stationary motor vehicles
   1204.   Portable warning signs for disabled heavy vehicles
   1205.   Lights and other equipment on bicycles
   1206.   Lights on animal-drawn vehicles
   1207.   Fog lamps
   1208.12.Lights on towed vehicles
   1209.   Spot lamps
   1210.   Restrictions on flashing warning lights
   1211.5. Fallen loadings from heavy vehicles
   1212.12.Mascots or toys prohibited on vehicles

   PART XIII -- Bicycles, toy vehicles and animals  

   1301.   Riding bicycles
   1301A.  Age limit for riding power assisted pedal cycles
   1302.   Towing of bicycles, etc.
   1303.   Riding more than two abreast
   1304.   Leading animals
   1305.5. Games and roller skates
   1306.   Proper control of animals and bicycles
   1307.   Bicycle helmets to be worn

   PART XV -- Seat belts 3

           Division 1 -- Preliminary  

   1501.   Interpretation and application
   1502.   Medical certificate

           Division 2 -- Driver’s duties  

   1503.   Driver to wear seat belt
   1504.   Driver to ensure that child aged between one and 14 years wears seat belt
   1505.   Driver to ensure that child aged between one and 14 years occupies position with seat belt
   1506.   Driver to ensure that child under the age of one year wears a child restraint
   1507.   Driver of passenger car derivative not to permit persons to travel in back of the vehicle if seat belt positions are unoccupied

           Division 3 -- Duties of passenger  

   1508.   Passenger to wear seat belt
   1509.   Passenger to occupy position with seat belt

   PART XVI -- Miscellaneous  

   1601.   Leaving motor vehicles unattended
   1602.   Driving backwards
   1603.   Driving on footways and median strips
   1604.   Positions of drivers and passengers
   1605.   Body or limbs protruding from vehicles
   1606.11.Pillion riding on motor cycles
   1607.   Drivers and pillion passengers upon motor cycles to wear protective helmets
   1607A.  Riding motor cycles “No hands”
   1608.   Opening doors and alighting from vehicles
   1609.   Putting glass, etc. on roads
   1610.   Securing of loads
   1611.14.Obstructing roads
   1612.15.Towed vehicles, trailers, etc.
   1613.   Processions and public meetings
   1614.   Use of horns, etc.
   1615.   Learners to display “L” sign
   1616.16.Duties of drivers after accidents
   1617.17.Production of driver’s licence to police
   1618.   Vehicles, etc. to be wheeled
   1619.   Creating excessive noise
   1620.   Directions of member of Police Force
           PART XVII 4-- Unattended and unauthorized vehicles and stock on roads  
   1701.   Removal of unattended vehicles
   1702.   Unattended stock on roads
   1702A.  Restrictions on driving of stock
   1703.   Permit for driving of stock
           PART XVIII 4-- Special regulations applying to specific localities  
   1801.   Restrictions on reversing in City Block
   1803.   Restrictions on driving on freeways
   1803A.  Minimum speeds on freeways
   1804.   Restrictions on standing etc., on freeways
   1804A.  Restrictions on standing of vehicles on the Roe or Tonkin highway
   1805.   Restrictions on traffic in pedestrian mall
   1806.   Restrictions on driving in King’s Park
   1807.   Restriction on driving on Koolan Island
   1808.   Heavy vehicles on Greenmount Hill
           PART XIX 4-- Penalties  
   1901.   Penalties
           Compilation table

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