Queensland Consolidated Acts

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Interim orders

58 Interim orders

(1) Before making a final decision in a proceeding, the tribunal may make an interim order it considers appropriate in the interests of justice, including, for example—
(a) to protect a party’s position for the duration of the proceeding; or
(b) to require or permit something to be done to secure the effectiveness of the exercise of the tribunal’s jurisdiction for the proceeding.
See also section 22 (3) for the tribunal’s power to stay the operation of a reviewable decision while it is being reviewed by the tribunal.
(2) The tribunal may make an interim order on the application of a party to the proceeding or on its own initiative.
(3) In making an interim order, the tribunal—
(a) may require an undertaking, including an undertaking as to costs or damages, it considers appropriate; or
(b) may provide for the lifting of the order if stated conditions are met.
(4) The tribunal may assess damages for subsection (3) (a) .
(5) The tribunal’s power to assess damages under subsection (4) is exercisable only by a legally qualified member.
(6) In this section—

"interim order" means an order that has effect for the duration of a proceeding or a shorter period.

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