Queensland Consolidated Acts

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Definitions for part

34A Definitions for part

(1) In this part—

"conduct" means an act or omission to perform an act.

"executive officer" , of a corporation, means a person who is concerned with, or takes part in, the corporation’s management, whether or not the person is a director or the person’s position is given the name of executive officer.

"senior officer" , of a person conducting a business or undertaking, means—
(a) if the person is a corporation—an executive officer of the corporation; or
(b) otherwise—the holder of an executive position (however described) in relation to the person who makes, or takes part in making, decisions affecting all, or a substantial part, of the person’s functions.
(2) For this part, a person’s conduct
"causes" death if it substantially contributes to the death.
(3) For this part, a reference to a worker carrying out work for a business or undertaking includes a reference to a worker who is at a workplace to carry out work for the business or undertaking, including during a work break.
In relation to the numbering of this part, see the note to section 3 .

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