South Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART A1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   3.      Interpretation

   PART 1--General provisions as to trial by jury

   5.      Civil proceedings not to be tried before a jury
   6.      Criminal trial to be by jury
   6A.     Additional jurors
   7.      Trial without jury

   PART 2--Jury districts

   8.      Jury districts

   PART 3--Qualification of jurors

   11.     Qualification of jurors
   12.     Disqualification from jury service
   13.     Ineligibility for jury
   14.     Residence qualification
   15.     Verdict cannot be challenged on ground of disqualification or ineligibility of juror except in certain cases
   16.     Power of sheriff or judge to excuse juror or prospective juror from attendance
   17.     Right of exemption for persons above the age of 70 years

   PART 4--Annual jury lists

   20.     Duty of sheriff to prepare annual jury lists
   21.     Number of jurors on each list
   23.     Selection of names to be included in annual jury list
   24.     Coming into operation of lists
   25.     Questionnaire to be completed and returned by prospective jurors

   PART 5--Summoning of jurors and jury panels

   29.     Summoning of jurors
   30.     Summons
   32.     Regulations relating to jury panels etc
   33.     Oath or affirmation

   PART 6--Proceedings upon trial

   42.     Sheriff to return panel with cards
   43.     Cards to be kept in ballot-box
   46.     Balloting for trial
   47.     Constitution of jury
   50.     Same jury may try several issues if no objection by parties
   54.     Duty of sheriff to provide for jury
   55.     Separation of jury
   56.     Continuation of trial with less than full number of jurors
   57.     Majority and alternative verdicts
   59.     Fresh proceedings may be taken
   60.     Court may order another trial
   60A.    Jury may consist of men or women only

   PART 7--Challenge etc

   61.     Challenge
   63.     Peremptory challenges in excess of permitted number
   64.     Time for challenging
   65.     Rights to peremptory challenge where persons jointly charged
   66.     Challenge on ground of ineligibility or disqualification
   67.     Common law rights of challenge preserved
   68.     Trial of challenge for cause
   69.     Power to summon further jurors

   PART 8--Fees

   70.     Payment of jurors etc

   PART 9--Offences

   78.     Offence by jurors

   PART 10--Miscellaneous

   85.     Jury de medietate linguae abolished
   86.     Abolition of jury de ventre inspiciendo
   88.     View during trial
   89.     Power to make rules
   92.      Effect of this Act on Coroners Act
   93.     Regulations
           SCHEDULE 3--Persons ineligible for jury service
           SCHEDULE 6--Oath or affirmation
           Legislative history

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