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        (1)         The Governor may, by notice in the Gazette, issue directions under this section imposing requirements in relation to persons generally, or classes of persons, who—

            (a)         have tested positive for COVID-19; or

            (b)         are close contacts (as may be defined from time to time in the directions issued under this subsection).

        (2)         Without limiting subsection (1), directions of the Governor under this section may—

            (a)         require or allow a person or a class of persons to act in contravention of another law of the State; and

            (b)         affect the lawful rights or obligations of any person or class of persons (including by requiring persons to isolate or quarantine); and

            (c)         refer to or incorporate, wholly or partially and with or without modification, information prepared or published by a prescribed body or person, either as in force at the time the directions are made or as in force from time to time; and

            (d)         make different provision according to the matters or circumstances to which they are expressed to apply; and

            (e)         provide that a matter or thing is to be determined according to the discretion of the Chief Public Health Officer, an emergency officer or any other specified person or body; and

            (f)         make provisions of a savings or transitional nature.

        (3)         Directions under this section may not come into operation, or continue to operate, if a relevant emergency declaration is in force.

        (4)         The Minister must, before the end of the 7th day after a direction is issued under this section, cause a document or documents setting out the relevant health advice for the direction to be published on a website determined by the Minister.

        (5)         In this section—

"relevant health advice" for a direction means advice provided by the Chief Public Health Officer or by other officers of the Department to any Ministers of the Crown in respect of the issuing of the direction.

"Editorial note—"

Section 90C has expired.

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