South Australian Current Regulations

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- under the Energy Resources Act 2000


   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   3.      Interpretation

   PART 1A--Licences

   3A.     Regulated substance production licence

   PART 2--Licence applications

   4.      General requirements
   5.      Preliminary survey and speculative survey licences
   6.      Exploration licences
   7.      Retention licences
   8.      Production licences
   9.      Pipeline licences

   PART 2A--Rental

   9A.     Amount of rent
   9B.     Rental return--prescribed period

   PART 2B--Notice of entry on land

   9C.     Notice of entry on land

   PART 3--Environment protection

   9D.     Environmental impact assessment criteria
   10.     Environmental impact report
   11.     Consultation by licensee
   12.     Statement of environmental objectives
   13.     Review of statement of environmental objectives
   14.     Consultation by Minister

   PART 4--Operator classification and activity notification

   16.     Preliminary
   16A.    Management system--section 73A
   17.     Licensee classification--section 74
   18.     Activity notification--low level official surveillance
   19.     Activity notification--high level official surveillance
   20.     Detailed activity information
   21.     Assessment to be registered

   PART 6--Operational issues

           Division 1--Geophysical surveys

   23.     Naming conventions
   24.     Permanent markers

           Division 2--Drilling

   25.     Naming of wells
   26.     Location surveys
   27.     Well evaluation
   28.     Deviation

           Division 3--Pipelines and flowlines

   29.     Pipelines and flowlines

           Division 4--Fitness for purpose assessments

   30.     Fitness for purpose assessments

           Division 5--Emergency response procedures

   31.     Emergency response procedures

   PART 7--Reports and information

           Division 1--Incident reports

   32.     Incident reports

           Division 2--Performance and technical reports

   33.     Annual licence reports
   34.     Geophysical progress reports
   35.     Geophysical operations reports
   36.     Geophysical interpretation reports
   37.     Geophysical data
   38.     Daily drilling reports
   39.     Wireline logs
   40.     Well completion reports
   41.     Quarterly cased-hole well activity report
   42.     Well test analysis reports
   43.     Reservoir fluid analysis reports
   44.     Downhole diagrams
   45.     Production reports
   46.     Facility construction reports
   46A.    Facility rehabilitation or decommissioning reports
   46B.    Hydraulic fracturing report
   46C.    Reserve estimate report
   47.     Other technical reports

           Division 3--Samples and analysis of cores and cutting

   48.     Well samples
   49.     Report on analysis of core or cuttings

           Division 4--General provisions

   50.     Form of reports
   51.     Form of information in reports and corrections
   52.     Availability of information

   PART 8--Miscellaneous

   53.     Waiver and refund of fees
   55.     Penalty interest
   56.     Mediation of dispute over entry to land
   57.     Reinstatement of licence--disapplication of certain sections of Act
   57A.    Approval and registration of registrable dealings
   58.     General offence
   59.     Administrative penalties
           SCHEDULE 2--Administrative penalties
           SCHEDULE 3--Transitional provisions
           Legislative history

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