Northern Territory Consolidated Acts

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           Long Title


   1.      Short title  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Application of certain Acts of the State of South Australia to cease  
   5.      Interpretation  


   46A.    Forcible entry  
   46B.    Forcible detainer  
   46C.    Disturbing religious worship  
   47.     Offensive, &c., conduct  
   47AA.   Violent disorder  
   47AB.   Threatening violence  
   47AC.   Loitering by sexual offender  
   47A.    Loitering – general offence  
   47B.    Loitering – offence following notice  
   49A.    Illegal use of vehicle, &c.  
   50.     Penalty for indecent exposure of the person  
   52.     Injuring or extinguishing street lamps  
   53.     Obscenity  
   53A.    Undue noise at social gathering after midnight  
   53B.    Undue noise  
   53C.    Certificate of member of Police Force to be evidence  
   53D.    Noise abatement orders  
   53E.    Powers of police  
   53F.    Compliance with direction  
   54.     Stealing domestic animals  
   55.     Challenge to fight  
   55A.    Consorting between known offenders  
   56.     Offences  
   57.     Offences after finding of guilt under section 56 and other offences  
   58.     Penalty for second or subsequent offence under section 57  
   60.     Valueless cheques  
   60A.    Fraud other than false pretences  
   61.     Persons suspected of having stolen goods  
   62.     Where property improperly taken or stolen is found and not satisfactorily accounted for  
   65AA.   Dumping of certain containers  
   65A.    Tampering with instruments, &c.  
   66.     Regulation of places of public resort  
   68A.    False reports to police  
   68B.    Advertising a reward for the return of stolen property, &c.  
   69.     Penalty for offences where no special penalty is appointed  
   69A.    Disobedience to laws of the Territory  
   69B.    Inciting to the commission of offences  
   74.     Power to regulate traffic in certain cases  
   75.     Prohibition of nuisances in thoroughfares  
   75A.    Dangerous dogs  
   76.     Playing musical instruments so as to annoy  
   78.     Keeping clean yards, &c.  
   82.     Offences relating to public fountains  
   85.     Leaving dead animals in public place  
   89.     Cellars or openings beneath the surface of footpaths prohibited  
   91AA.   Regulatory offences  


   92.     Regulations  

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