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Giving way to buses

    (1)     A driver driving on a length of road in a built-up area, in the left lane or left line of traffic, or in a bicycle lane on the far left side of the road, must give way to a bus in front of the driver if—

        (a)     the bus has stopped, or is moving slowly, at the far left side of the road, on a shoulder of the road, or in a bus-stop bay; and

        (b)     the bus displays a give way to buses sign and the right direction indicator lights of the bus are operating; and

        (c)     the bus is about to enter or proceed in the lane or line of traffic in which the driver is driving.

Penalty:     5 penalty units.


1     Built-up area and length of road are defined in the dictionary. Bus is defined in the Road Safety Act   1986 . Left lane and left line of traffic are defined in subrule (2). Shoulder is defined in rule 12.

2     For this rule, "give way" means the driver must slow down and, if necessary, stop to avoid a collision—see the definition in the dictionary.

3     The driver of the bus must give the change of direction signal for long enough to give sufficient warning to other drivers and pedestrians—see rule 48(2) and (3).

4     Under rule 87(1), a driver entering a marked lane, or a line of traffic, from the side of the road must give way to any vehicle travelling in the lane or line of traffic. However, the driver of a public bus does not have to give way to a vehicle if the vehicle is required to give way to the bus under this rule and it is safe for the bus to enter the lane, or line of traffic, in which the other vehicle is travelling—see rule 87(2).

    (2)     In this rule—

"left lane", of a road, means—

        (a)     the marked lane nearest to the far left side of the road (the first lane ) or, if the first lane is a bicycle lane, the marked lane next to the first lane; or

        (b)     if there is an obstruction in the first lane (for example, a parked car or roadworks) and the first lane is not a bicycle lane—the marked lane next to the first lane;


Marked lane and obstruction are defined in the dictionary. "Bicycle lane" is defined in rule 153.

"left line of traffic", for a road, means the line of traffic nearest to the far left side of the road.

Give way to buses sign


Note for diagram

This sign is displayed on buses.

Rule 77A inserted by S.R. No. 121/2020 rule 21.

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