Western Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1 -- Preliminary  

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Terms used
   4.      Term used: close relative
   5.      Term used: convicted
   6.      Term used: loss
   7.      Construction of Act
   8A.     Courts and Tribunals (Electronic Processes Facilitation) Act 2013 Part 2 applies

   PART 2 -- Applying for compensation

           Division 1 -- General  

   8.      Offences for which compensation may be sought
   9.      Time limit for making compensation application
   10.     Death of person entitled to compensation ends entitlement
   11.     How to make compensation application

           Division 2 -- When and what compensation can be claimed  

   12.     Proved offence
   13.     Alleged offence: acquittal
   14.     Alleged offence: acquittal due to unsoundness of mind
   15.     Alleged offence: accused not mentally fit to stand trial
   16.     Alleged offence: charge not determined
   17.     Alleged offence: no person charged

   PART 3 -- Dealing with compensation applications  

   18.     Procedure, general matters
   19.     Assessor’s general powers
   20.     Victim may be directed to attend doctor etc.
   21.     Applicant may be required to enforce other remedies
   22.     CEO may apply for stay of compensation application
   23.     Interim payments
   24.     Hearing to be held if assessor thinks fit
   25.     Hearings
   26.     Awards etc. to be in writing
   27.     Reasons for decisions
   28.     Copy of awards to be sent to CEO

   PART 4 -- Matters governing compensation awards  

   29.     Assessor’s general discretion
   30.     Compensation awards, general
   31.     Maximum for single offence
   32.     Maximum for single offence by multiple offenders
   33.     Maximum for multiple related offences
   34.     Maximum for multiple unrelated offences by one offender
   35.     Mental and nervous shock, compensation for limited to certain persons
   36.     No award if compensation likely to benefit offender
   37.     No award if injury is from motor vehicle in certain cases
   38.     No award if applicant did not assist investigators
   39.     No award if victim was engaged in criminal conduct
   40.     No award if compensation already awarded or refused
   41.     Behaviour etc. of victim to be considered
   42.     Insurance payments etc. to be deducted from award
   43.     Award to be offset against any amount owed to State
   44.     Person who incurs expenses may be paid directly
   45.     Order about reimbursement order may be made

   PART 5 -- Paying compensation awarded  

   46.     Consolidated Account charged with payment
   47.     Appeal period, payment may be withheld
   48.     Future treatment expenses, payment of

   PART 6 -- Recovering compensation from offenders  

   48A.    Term used: compensation award
   49.     CEO may request offender to reimburse compensation
   50.     Compensation reimbursement orders, application for
   51.     Dealing with applications
   52.     Compensation reimbursement order, making
   53.     Compensation reimbursement order, enforcement of
   54.     Reimbursed amounts to be credited to Consolidated Account

   PART 7 -- Appeals and referrals  

   55.     Appeal lies to District Court
   56.     Dealing with appeals
   57.     District Court decision is final
   58.     Assessor may refer question of law to Court of Appeal

   PART 8 -- Administrative matters  

   59.     Chief Assessor and assessors, appointment of etc.
   60.     Chief Assessor may allocate work to assessors
   61.     Administrative staff
   62.     Annual report and other reports

   PART 9 -- Miscellaneous  

   62A.    Assessor may conduct hearing
   63.     Witnesses at hearings of applications
   64.     Publicity, assessor may restrict
   65.     Immunity for assessors, legal practitioners and witnesses
   66.     Protection of assessors from personal liability
   67.     Costs
   68.     Repayment to State of insurance payments etc.
   69.     Debts due to State, recovery of
   70.     False information, offence of giving
   71.     Limitation period for prosecutions
   72.     Regulations
   73.      Repeal and transitional provisions
           SCHEDULE 1 -- Provisions about assessors  
           SCHEDULE 2 -- Repeal, transitional and consequential provisions

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