Western Australian Current Acts

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           Long Title

   PART 1 -- Preliminary  

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Terms used
   4.      Prostitution

   PART 2 -- General provisions about prostitution

           Division 1 -- Persons generally  

   5.      Seeking prostitute in or in view or within hearing of public place
   6.      Seeking client in or in view or within hearing of public place
   7.      Seeking to induce person to act as prostitute
   8.      Prophylactic to be used
   9.      Promoting employment in prostitution industry
   10.     Prohibition of certain sponsorships
   11.     Hindering performance of functions
   12.     Contravening direction by police to move on
   13.     Failure to comply with certain police requirements

           Division 2 -- Prostitutes  

   14.     Section 14 offence
   15.     Acting as prostitute for child

   PART 3 -- Other provisions about children  

   16.     Causing, permitting, or seeking to induce child to act as prostitute
   17.     Obtaining payment for prostitution by child
   18.     Agreement for prostitution by child
   19.     Child not to seek services of prostitute
   20.     Prostitution at place where child present
   21.     Allowing child to be at place involving prostitution

   PART 4 -- Provisions for police  

   22.     Terms used
   23.     Powers to obtain information
   24.     Police may direct person to move on
   25.     Detention, search and seizure without warrant
   26.     Entry of, and seizure at, place of business without warrant
   27.     Search and seizure with warrant
   28.     Warrant may be obtained remotely
   29.     Provisions about searching person
   30.     Retaining something seized but not forfeited
   31.     Forfeiture and delivery on conviction
   32.     Forfeiture and delivery other than on conviction
   33.     Disposal of thing forfeited
   34.     Powers to assist seizing things
   36.     Commissioner may delegate function

   PART 5 -- Restraining orders  

   37.     Restraining order to prevent further offence
   38.     Restraining order against person who could be required to move on
   39.     Provisions about making order
   40.     Terms of restraining order
   41.     Duration of restraining order
   42.     Variation or cancellation
   43.     Court to notify parties of decision
   44.     When cancellation takes effect
   45.     Provisions about children
   46.     Breach of restraining order
   47.     Appeals
   48.     Order not to conflict with family order

   PART 6 -- Evidence  

   49.     Accused presumed to know if person is a child
   50.     Person residing with child prostitute presumed to receive payment
   51.     Accused presumed to have allowed presence of child
   52.     Intention presumed in some cases
   54.     Averment that prostitution business carried on

   PART 7 -- Miscellaneous  

   55.     Legal proceedings
   56.     Protection of certain persons
   57.     Exchange of information between State authorities
   58.     Confidentiality
   59.     Liability of officers for offence by body corporate
   61.     Regulations
   62.      Regulations relating to restraining order applications
           SCHEDULE 1 -- Offence history that may be an element of a section 14 offence

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