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           Long Title


   1.      Name of Act  
   2.      Dictionary  
   3.      Notes  
   4.      Offences against Act—application of Criminal Code etc  


   4B.     Meaning of special driver  
   4BA.    Meaning of driver trainer  
   4C.     Meaning of prescribed concentration of alcohol  
   4D.     How alcohol concentration may be expressed  
   4E.     Reference to level of alcohol concentration  
   4F.     Meaning of first offender and repeat offender  
   5.      Authorisation of operators  
   5A.     Register of authorised operators  
   5B.     Appointment of analysts  
   6.      Approval of laboratories  


           Division 2.1--Important concepts—alcohol and drug tests

   7.      Meaning of alcohol screening device  
   7A.     Meaning of breath analysis instrument  
   7B.     Meaning of drug screening device  
   7C.     Meaning of oral fluid analysis instrument  
   7D.     Testing and maintenance of instruments etc  

           Division 2.2--Alcohol—screening tests

   8.      Power to require alcohol screening test if vehicle not involved in  
   9.      Power to require alcohol screening test if vehicle involved in  
   9A.     Power to require alcohol screening test if vehicle involved in  
   10.     Power to require alcohol screening test for culpable driving––driver and  
   10A.    Power to enter premises for alcohol screening test  

           Division 2.3--Alcohol—confirmatory tests

   11.     Detention for breath analysis  
   12.     Breath analysis  
   13.     Precautions for privacy—breath analysis  

           Division 2.4--Prescribed drugs—screening tests

   13A.    Power to require drug screening test if vehicle not involved in  
   13B.    Power to require drug screening test if vehicle involved in  
   13BA.   Power to require drug screening test if vehicle involved in  
   13C.    Power to require drug screening test for culpable driving—driver and driver  
   13CA.   Power to enter premises for drug screening test  

           Division 2.5--Prescribed drugs—confirmatory tests

   13D.    Detention for oral fluid analysis  
   13E.    Oral fluid—preliminary analysis  
   13F.    Precautions for privacy—oral fluid analysis  
   13G.    Oral fluid—confirmatory analysis  
   13H.    Oral fluid analysis statement  

           Division 2.6--Restrictions on alcohol and drug tests

   14.     Restrictions on tests etc under this part  

           Division 2.7--Analysis of blood—alcohol and drugs

   15.     Taking blood samples from people in custody  
   15AA.   Taking blood samples from people in hospital  
   15A.    Analysis of blood samples  
   15B.    Blood analysis statement  
   16.     Medical examination—offence against s 24 or culpable  
   16A.    Analysis of body samples  
   16B.    Body sample statement  
   16C.    Keeping of samples—request by DPP  
   16D.    Destruction of samples  
   17.     Exemptions from requirements to take blood samples or carry out  
   18.     Protection of police officers and medical staff  
   18B.    Permitted use of samples  

           Division 2.8--Search and seizure

   18C.    Power to search person in custody  


   19.     Prescribed concentration of alcohol in blood or breath  
   19A.    Defence if person did not intend to drive motor vehicle  
   19B.    Defence if special driver with lower concentration of alcohol from allowable  
   20.     Prescribed drug in oral fluid or blood––driver or driver  
   22.     Refusing to provide breath sample  
   22A.    Refusing to provide oral fluid sample  
   22B.    Failing to stay for screening test  
   22C.    Refusing to undergo screening test  
   23.     Refusing blood test etc  
   24.     Driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor or a drug  
   24A.    Use vehicle or animal on road under influence of alcohol or  
   25.     Consuming alcohol—driver or driver trainer  


   26.     Fines and imprisonment—s 19 offences  
   27.     Imprisonment—s 22, s 22A, s 22C, s 23 and s 24 offences  
   32.     Automatic driver licence disqualification—first offenders, s 19  
   33.     Automatic driver licence disqualification—repeat offenders, s  
   34.     Automatic driver licence disqualification—offences other than s  
   35.     Automatic driver licence disqualification—immediate suspension  


           Division 7.1--Evidence—alcohol-related tests

   41.     Evidentiary certificate—alcohol-related tests  

           Division 7.2--Evidence—drug-related tests

   41AA.   Evidentiary certificates—drug-related tests  
   41AB.   Evidentiary certificate—analysis of oral fluid sample  
   41AC.   Evidentiary certificate—blood sample not taken  
   41AD.   Evidentiary certificate—analysis of sample for prescribed drug  
   41AE.   NSW evidentiary certificates—drug-related tests  

           Division 7.3--Other provisions about evidence

   41A.    Evidence for insurance purposes  
   42.     Effect of noncompliance—analysis of breath or blood  
   42AA.   Effect of noncompliance—analysis of oral fluid  
   42A.    Effect of noncompliance—analysis of body sample  
   42B.    Effect of noncompliance—refusal to give sample of breath  
   42C.    Effect of noncompliance—refusal to give sample of oral fluid  
   43.     Oral evidence about part 7 certificate  


   45.     Requirement for screening test before arrest  
   47.     Right of arrested person to medical examination  
   47A.    Stopping, search and detaining—Crimes Act, s 207 and s 209  
   47B.    Police may direct person not to drive  
   47C.    Conducting alcohol-related tests and drug-related tests at same time  
   48.     When police officer may move person's motor vehicle  
   49.     Default term of imprisonment  
   50.     References to Motor Traffic (Alcohol and Drugs) Act etc  
   51.     Regulation-making power  
           SCHEDULE 1

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