Commonwealth Numbered Regulations

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   1.      Citation  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Interpretation  
   4.      Application of the Act to areas outside the AFZ  
   5.      Representative of the Minister  
   6.      Auction for the grant of a fishing right  
   7.      Tender for the grant of a fishing right  
   8.      Ballot for the grant of a fishing right  
   9.      Period for payment in relation to a fishing concession  
   10.     Form of warrant  
   11.     Approval for the presence of a foreign boat in the AFZ  
   12.     Identification code for a boat  
   13.     Production of documents on a foreign boat  
   14.     Reporting of a boat's position  
   15.     Identification of the call-sign of a foreign boat  
   16.     Identification of the name of a foreign boat  
   17.     Information relating to persons on board a boat  
   18.     Boats may carry nominated persons  
   19.     Sale or disposal of unclaimed equipment  
   20.     Payment by instalments  
   21.     Fees  
   22.     Hours of operation of Registries of the Panel  
   23.     Registrar must date and acknowledge documents  
   24.     Application to the Panel for review of a decision to grant a fishing right  
   25.     Notification by Principal Member that an application for review has been made  
   26.     Notice of date, time and place of a hearing  
   27.     Summons  
   28.     Witness expenses  
   29.     Replacement of documents  
   30.     Return of documents  
   31.     Logbooks  
   32.     Requirement to use a logbook  
   33.     Offences in relation to logbooks: Australian boats  
   34.     Offences in relation to logbooks: foreign boats  
   35.     Offences in relation to logbooks: general  
   36.     Secrecy  
   37.     References to areas of the AFZ  
   38.     When can an infringement notice be served?  
   39.     How is an infringement notice to be served?  
   40.     What must be included in an infringement notice?  
   41.     What happens if the person pays the relevant penalty?  
   42.     Evidentiary matters  
   43.     Can there be more than 1 infringement notice for the same offence?  
   44.     What if the relevant penalty is paid by cheque?  
   45.     This Part does not prevent a matter being prosecuted in a court and do not mean that an infringement notice must be served in all cases  
   46.     What is the relevant penalty?  
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           SCHEDULE 2
           SCHEDULE 3

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