Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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           Long Title


   1.      Short title  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Object of this Act  
   4.      Simplified outline of this Act  
   5.      Definitions  
   6.      Orders identifying court premises  
   7.      This Act binds the Crown  
   8.      Extension to external Territories  


           Division 1--Appointment of security officers and authorised court officers

   9.      Appointment of security officers  
   10.     Appointment of authorised court officers  
   11.     Appointment may relate to any court premises  
   12.     Identity cards  
   13.     Exception to requirement to issue identity card  

           Division 2--Requests that may be made of persons seeking to enter, or on, court premises

   14.     Requests relating to screening etc.  
   15.     Requests relating to identification etc.  
   16.     Requests to leave dangerous items for safekeeping  
   17.     Requests relating to recording, data storage and transmitting devices  
   18.     Offence--non-compliance with a request under section 17  
   19.     Requests to undergo a frisk search  

           Division 3--Power to refuse entry to or direct a person to leave court premises etc

   20.     Non-compliance with request under Division 2  
   21.     Harassment etc.  
   22.     General directions power  
   23.     Offence--non-compliance with a direction  

           Division 4--Power to prevent entry to or remove a person from court premises etc

   24.     Non-compliance with a request under Division 2 or direction under Division 3  
   25.     Harassment etc.  
   26.     Use of force in exercising power under this Division  
   27.     Power to seize dangerous item  
   28.     Power to detain a person  

           Division 5--Power to escort people to and from court premises

   29.     Security officer may escort people  
   30.     Use of force in escorting  
   31.     General directions power  
   32.     Offence--non-compliance with a direction  

           Division 6--General provisions about exercise of security officers' and authorised court officers' powers

   33.     Where powers may be exercised  
   34.     Production of identification when exercising power as a security officer or an authorised court officer  

           Division 7--Complaints about security officers and authorised court officers

   35.     Complaints about security officers and authorised court officers  
   36.     Reports to Ombudsman about complaints  
   37.     Complaints to administrative head of Family Court of Western Australia  


   38.     Offence--possessing weapon on court premises  
   39.     Offence--making an unauthorised recording or transmission on court premises  
   40.     Offence--obstructing entry to, or activity on, court premises  


   41.     Making a court security order  
   42.     Application for a court security order  
   43.     Interim court security order  
   44.     When a court security order has effect  
   45.     Variation and revocation  
   45A.    Application for variation or revocation  
   46.     Offence--non-compliance with a court security order  
   47.     Maker of court security order need not be disqualified from certain proceedings  


   48.     Immunity of security officers and authorised court officers  
   48A.    Disposal of dangerous items after 6 months  
   49.     Compensation for damage to recording, data storage or transmitting devices  
   50.     Relationship between this Act and other powers and laws  
   51.     Delegation  
   52.     Regulations  

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