Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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           Long Title


   1.      Short title  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Repeals  
   4.      Previous contracts  
   5.      Crown to be bound  
   6.      Extension to external Territories  
   7.      Effect of Act on other laws  
   8.      Application of Act  
   9.      Exceptions to application of Act  
   9A.     Exclusion of pleasure craft from the Marine Insurance Act 1909  
   10.     Contracts of insurance  
   11.     Interpretation  
   11AA.   Application of the Criminal Code  
   11AB.   Consumer insurance contracts  


   11AAA.  Definition  
   11A.    ASIC responsible for general administration of Act  
   11B.    Powers of the ASIC  
   11C.    Supervisory powers--ASIC may obtain insurance documents  
   11D.    Supervisory powers--ASIC may review administrative arrangements etc.  
   11DA.   Supervisory powers--liability of directors, employees and agents of insurers  
   11E.    Examination of documents by ASIC not to imply compliance with relevant legislation  
   11F.    ASIC's power to intervene in proceedings  


   12.     This Part not to be read down  
   13.     The duty of the utmost good faith  
   14.     Parties not to rely on provisions except in the utmost good faith  
   14A.    Powers of ASIC--insurer's failure to comply with the duty of the utmost good faith in relation to handling or settlement of claims  
   15.     Certain other laws not to apply  


           Division 1--General insurance

   16.     Insurable interest not required  
   17.     Legal or equitable interest not required at time of loss  

           Division 2--Other contracts of insurance

   18.     Insurable interest not required  

           Division 3--Naming of persons benefited

   20.     Persons benefited need not be named  


           Division 1A--Consumer insurance contracts

   20A.    Application of this Division  
   20B.    The insured's duty to take reasonable care not to make a misrepresentation  
   20C.    Warranties of existing facts to be representations  

           Division 1--Other contracts

   20E.    Application of this Division  
   21.     The insured's duty of disclosure  
   22.     Insurer to inform of duty of disclosure  

           Division 2--Other contracts

   23A.    Application of this Division  
   23.     Ambiguous questions  
   24.     Warranties of existing facts to be representations  
   25.     Misrepresentation by life insured  
   26.     Certain statements not misrepresentations  
   27.     Failure to answer questions  

           Division 3--Remedies for relevant failures

   27AA.   Meaning of relevant failure  
   27A.    Certain contracts of life insurance may be treated as if they comprised 2 or more separate contracts of life insurance  
   28.     General insurance  
   29.     Life insurance  
   30.     Misstatements of age  
   31.     Court may disregard avoidance in certain circumstances  
   32.     Relevant failure by life insured covered under group life contract  
   32A.    Relevant failure by holder of RSA  
   33.     No other remedies  

           Division 4--Key Facts Sheets

   33A.    Application of this Division  
   33B.    What is a Key Facts Sheet?  
   33C.    Insurer's obligation to provide Key Facts Sheet  
   33D.    Provision of Key Facts Sheet does not constitute clearly informing  


           Division 1--Standard cover

   34.     Interpretation  
   35.     Notification of certain provisions  
   36.     Interpretation of regulations  
   37.      Notification of unusual terms  

           Division 1A--Definition of flood

   37A.    Application of this Division  
   37B.    Meaning of flood in prescribed contracts etc.  
   37C.    Insurer must clearly inform insured whether prescribed contract provides insurance cover in respect of flood  
   37D.    Circumstances in which prescribed contract is taken to provide insurance cover etc. in respect of flood  
   37E.    Division not to affect provision of insurance cover for certain events  

           Division 2--General provisions relating to insurance contracts

   38.     Interim contracts of insurance  
   39.     Instalment contracts of general insurance  
   40.     Certain contracts of liability insurance  
   41.     Contracts of liability insurance--consent of insurer required for settlement etc. of claim  
   42.     Maximum cover for premium  
   43.     Arbitration provisions  
   44.     Average provisions  
   45.     "Other insurance" provisions  
   46.     Pre-existing defect or imperfection  
   47.     Pre-existing sickness or disability  
   48.     Contracts of general insurance--entitlements of third party beneficiaries  
   48AA.   Life policy in connection with RSA for the benefit of third party beneficiary  
   48A.    Life policy for the benefit of third party beneficiary  
   49.     Where sum insured exceeds value of insured's interest  
   50.     Sale of insured property  
   51.     Claims against insurer in respect of liability of insured or third party beneficiary  
   52.     "Contracting out" prohibited  
   53.     Variation of contracts of insurance  

           Division 3--Remedies

   54.     Insurer may not refuse to pay claims in certain circumstances  
   55.     No other remedies  
   55A.    Representative actions by the ASIC  


   56.     Fraudulent claims  
   57.     Interest on claims  


   58.     Insurer to notify of expiration of contracts of general insurance  
   59.     Cancellation procedure  
   59A.    Cancellation of contracts of life insurance  
   60.     Cancellation of contracts of general insurance  
   61.     Insurers in liquidation  
   62.     Cancellation of instalment contracts of general insurance  
   63.     Cancellations of contracts of insurance void  


   64.     Application to third party beneficiaries  
   65.     Subrogation to rights against family etc.  
   66.     Subrogation to rights against employees  
   67.     Rights with respect to money recovered under subrogation etc.  
   68.     Contracts affecting rights of subrogation  


   69.     Giving of information to insureds  
   70.     Notices to be given to life insureds in certain cases  
   71.     Agency  
   72.     Content and other requirements for notices etc. to be given in writing  
   72A.    Method for giving written notices or documents  
   74.     Policy documents to be supplied on request  
   75.     Reasons for cancellation etc. to be given  


           Division 1--Civil penalty provisions

              Subdivision A--Obtaining a pecuniary penalty order

   75A.    Declaration of contravention of civil penalty provision  
   75B.    Pecuniary penalty orders  
   75C.    Maximum pecuniary penalty  
   75D.    Pecuniary penalty applicable  
   75E.    Civil enforcement of pecuniary penalty orders  
   75F.    Meaning of benefit derived and detriment avoided because of a contravention of a civil penalty provision  
   75G.    Conduct contravening more than one civil penalty provision  
   75H.    Multiple contraventions  
   75J.    Proceedings may be heard together  
   75K.    Civil evidence and procedure rules for pecuniary penalty orders  

              Subdivision B--Civil proceedings and criminal proceedings

   75L.    Civil proceedings after criminal proceedings  
   75M.    Criminal proceedings during civil proceedings  
   75N.    Criminal proceedings after civil proceedings  
   75P.    Evidence given in civil proceedings not admissible in criminal proceedings  

              Subdivision C--Miscellaneous

   75Q.    Attempt and involvement in contravention treated in same way as actual contravention  
   75R.    Continuing contraventions of civil penalty provisions  
   75S.    State of mind  
   75T.    Mistake of fact  
   75U.    Exceptions etc. to civil penalty provisions--burden of proof  
   75V.    Civil penalty provisions contravened by employees, agents or officers  

           Division 2--Infringement notices

   75W.    When an infringement notice may be given  
   75X.    Provisions subject to an infringement notice  
   75Y.    Matters to be included in an infringement notice  
   75Z.    Payment period  
   75ZA.   Extension of time to pay amount  
   75ZB.   Payment by instalments  
   75ZC.   Withdrawal of an infringement notice  
   75ZD.   Effect of payment of amount  
   75ZE.   Effect of this Division  


   76.     Contribution between insurers  
   78.     Regulations  

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