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- As at 1 May 2024 
- Act 11 of 1994 


           Long Title


   1.      Short title
   3.      Object of Act
   4.      Definitions
   4A.     References
   5.      Act binds all persons


           Division 1 - General

              Subdivision 1 - Registrar and land registry

   6.      Registrar of titles
   7.      Land registry
   8.      Form of registers

              Subdivision 2 - Delegations

   9.      Delegation by registrar
   9AA.    Use of registrar’s title

              Subdivision 3 - Practice manual

   9A.     Land title practice manual

           Division 2 - General requirements for instruments in the freehold land register

   10.     Form of instruments
   10A.    Registration of, or dealing with, particular instruments or other documents
   11.     Execution of certain instruments
   11A.    Original mortgagee to confirm identity of mortgagor
   11B.    Mortgage transferee to confirm identity of mortgagor
   12.     Giving consent for dealings
   13.     (Repealed)
   14.     Offence not to use appropriate form

           Division 2A - Electronic conveyancing documents

   14A.    Reference to a particular type of document includes its electronic conveyancing form
   14B.    What is an electronic conveyancing document
   14C.    Signing or executing an electronic conveyancing document
   14D.    Registering an electronic conveyancing document

           Division 3 - Powers of the registrar

   15.     Registrar may correct registers
   16.     Lot-on-plan description
   17.     Registrar may prepare and register caveat
   18.     Registrar may require public notice to be given of certain proposed action
   18A.    Pre-examination of plans

           Division 4 - Inquiries

   19.     Registrar may decide to hold inquiry
   20.     Registrar’s duties on inquiry
   21.     Registrar may decide procedures
   22.     Registrar’s powers on inquiry
   23.     Notice to witness
   24.     Offences by witnesses

           Division 5 - Registrar may refer matter to the Supreme Court

   25.     Referral to Supreme Court from inquiry
   26.     Other referrals by the registrar to the Supreme Court


           Division 1 - General

   27.     Registrar must keep register
   28.     Particulars the registrar must record
   29.     Particulars the registrar may record
   29A.    Particulars the registrar may remove
   30.     Registrar must register instruments
   31.     Instruments form part of the freehold land register
   32.     Registrar’s procedures on lodgement and registration of instrument
   33.     Separate part of the freehold land register for powers of attorney
   34.     Other information not part of the freehold land register
   35.     Entitlement to search register
   35A.    Fee required to produce document under subpoena etc.
   36.     Evidentiary effect of certified copies of documents

           Division 2 - Indefeasible title

   37.     Creation of indefeasible title
   38.     Meaning of indefeasible title
   39.     Single indefeasible title for 2 or more lots
   40.     Separation of single indefeasible title for 2 or more lots
   41.     Transfer of land forming part of indefeasible title

           Division 2A - Indefeasible title for common property

   41A.    Creation of indefeasible title for common property
   41B.    Meaning of indefeasible title for common property
   41BA.   Ownership of common property
   41C.    Application of provisions of Act to common property

           Division 3 - (Repealed)


           Division 1 - Alienation of State land

   47.     Alienated State land to be registered

           Division 2 - Land held by State

   48.     Land held by the State

           Division 2A - Format of plans of survey

   48A.    Available formats for plans
   48B.    Standard format plan
   48C.    Building format plan
   48D.    Volumetric format plan

           Division 2B - Explanatory format plans

   48E.    Explanatory format plan

           Division 3 - Plans of subdivision

   49.     Meaning of plan of subdivision
   49A.    Plan of subdivision may be registered
   49B.    Standard format plan of subdivision
   49C.    Building format plan of subdivision
   49D.    Volumetric format plan of subdivision
   49DA.   Creation of common property
   49E.    Division of lot on standard format plan of subdivision
   50.     Requirements for registration of plan of subdivision
   51.     Dedication of public use land in plan
   51A.    Access for public use land
   52.     Particulars to be recorded on registration of plan
   53.     Lodged plan that is withdrawn and relodged
   53A.    Division excluding road or watercourse

           Division 3A - Dedication of road by notice

   54.     Dedication of road by notice

           Division 4 - Building management statements

   54A.    Building management statement may be registered
   54AA.   Single area for lots to which building management statement applies
   54B.    Circumstances under which building management statement may be registered
   54C.    Content of building management statement
   54D.    Registration of building management statement
   54DA.   When building management statement taken not to be registered
   54E.    Amending a building management statement
   54F.    Building management statement if lots owned by 1 registered owner
   54G.    One person becoming registered owner of all lots
   54H.    Extinguishing a building management statement
   54I.    Lots constituted by community titles schemes
   54J.    Building management statement affecting freehold and non-freehold land


   55.     Registering life interests and remainders
   56.     Registering co-owners
   57.     Separate indefeasible titles for tenants in common
   58.     Time share schemes
   59.     Severing joint tenancy


           Division 1 - Transfers

   60.     Registering a transfer
   61.     Requirements of instrument of transfer
   62.     Effect of registration of transfer
   63.     Dealing with mortgaged lot

           Division 2 - Leases

   64.     Registering a lease
   65.     Requirements of instrument of lease
   66.     Validity of lease or amendment of lease against mortgagee
   67.     Amending a lease
   68.     Re-entry by lessor
   69.     Surrendering a lease
   70.     Disclaimer in bankruptcy
   71.     Validity of unregistered lease

           Division 3 - Mortgages

   72.     Mortgaging lot etc. by registration
   73.     Requirements of instrument of mortgage
   74.     Effect of registration of a mortgage
   75.     (Repealed)
   76.     Amending a mortgage
   77.     Amending priority of mortgages
   78.     Powers of mortgagee
   79.     Effect of transfer after sale by mortgagee
   80.     Liability of mortgagee in possession of leased lot
   81.     Releasing a mortgage

           Division 4 - Easements

   81A.    Definitions for div 4
   82.     Creation of easement by registration
   83.     Registration of easement
   83A.    Registration of plan showing proposed easement
   84.     Limitation of easements
   85.     Instrument affecting freehold and non-freehold land
   85A.    Particulars to be registered
   85B.    Rights and liabilities created on registration of instrument
   86.     Easement benefiting and burdening same registered owner’s lots
   87.     Same person becoming registered owner of benefited and burdened lots
   88.     Owner of benefited land acquiring interest in burdened land
   89.     Easements for public utility providers
   90.     Surrendering an easement
   90A.    When easement over registered lease ends
   91.     Amending an easement
   92.     Application of Property Law Act 1974, s 181

           Division 4AA - High-density development easements

   93.     Application of div 4AA
   94.     Meaning of high-density development easement
   95.     Easement for support
   96.     Easement for shelter
   96A.    Easements for projections
   96B.    Easement for maintenance of building close to boundary
   96C.    Easement for roof water drainage
   96D.    Insurance requirements
   96E.    Notice of entry
   97.     (Repealed)

           Division 4A - Covenants

   97A.    Covenant by registration
   97AA.   Compliance with s 97A
   97B.    Requirements of instrument of covenant
   97C.    Amending an instrument of covenant
   97D.    Releasing a covenant
   97DA.   Application of Property Law Act 1974, s 181

           Division 4B - Profits a prendre

   97E.    Profit a prendre by registration
   97EA.   Profit a prendre affecting a lot and non-freehold land
   97F.    Requirements of instrument of profit a prendre
   97G.    Particulars to be registered
   97H.    Profit a prendre benefiting and burdening same registered owner’s lots
   97I.    Same person becoming registered owner of benefited and burdened lots
   97J.    Owner of benefited land acquiring interest in burdened land
   97K.    Amending an instrument of profit a prendre
   97L.    Releasing or removing a profit a prendre
   97M.    Effect of surrender of lot on profit a prendre

           Division 4C - Carbon abatement interests

              Subdivision 1 - Preliminary

   97N.    Definitions for div 4C

              Subdivision 2 - Creation and registration

   97O.    Creation only by registration
   97P.    Requirements for registration
   97Q.    Grantor and grantee may be the same
   97R.    Particular interests not to be registered

              Subdivision 3 - Amendments and dealings

   97S.    Amending interest
   97U.    Surrendering or removing an interest

           Division 5 - Application by adverse possessor

   98.     Application may not be made about particular matters
   99.     Application for registration
   100.    Withdrawal of application
   101.    Right to make application not affected by death etc.
   102.    Refusal of application
   103.    Notice of application
   104.    Objecting by caveat
   105.    Lapsing of objector’s caveat
   106.    Further objector’s caveat
   107.    Refusing or compromising application
   108.    Registering adverse possessor as owner
   108A.   Requirements for part of a lot
   108B.   Consequences of registration

           Division 6 - Trusts, deceased estates and bankruptcy

   109.    How interest as trustee may be registered
   110.    Instrument of transfer to trustee
   110A.   Instrument to vest in trustee
   111.    Registering personal representative
   112.    Registering beneficiary
   113.    Form of application
   114.    Applying for Supreme Court order
   115.    Transmission on bankruptcy


           Division 1 - Preliminary

   115A.   Basic concept for pt 6A—community titles scheme
   115B.   Meaning of community titles scheme
   115C.   Meaning of layered arrangement of community titles schemes
   115D.   Provisions about lots that are community titles schemes

           Division 2 - Names of community titles schemes

   115E.   Names of community titles schemes
   115F.   Reservation of name
   115G.   Period of reservation

           Division 3 - Scheme land

   115H.   Single area for scheme land
   115I.   Enlarging the number of lots through progressive subdivision

           Division 4 - Community management statements

   115J.   Lodging request to record a new statement
   115K.   Recording community management statements
   115L.   When registrar records community management statement

           Division 5 - Statutory easements

   115M.   Application of div 5
   115N.   Easements for support
   115O.   Easements in favour of lots for utility services and utility infrastructure
   115P.   Easements for utility services and utility infrastructure
   115Q.   Easements for shelter
   115R.   Easements for projections
   115S.   Easement for maintenance of building close to boundary

           Division 6 - Changes to community titles schemes under reinstatement process

   115T.   Registration for changes to scheme under approved reinstatement process

           Division 7 - Terminating community titles schemes

   115U.   Instruments required for terminating scheme
   115V.   Recording termination of scheme

           Division 8 - Amalgamating community titles schemes

   115W.   Request to record amalgamation of schemes
   115X.   Recording amalgamation of schemes

           Division 9 - Creating a layered arrangement of community titles schemes from basic schemes

   115Y.   Request to record creation of layered arrangement
   115Z.   Recording creation of layered arrangement


           Division 1 - Writs of execution

   116.    Registering a writ of execution
   117.    Effect of registering a writ of execution
   118.    Cancellation of registration
   119.    Discharging or satisfying writ of execution
   120.    Transfer of lots sold in execution
   120A.   Effect on writ of execution of transfer after sale by mortgagee

           Division 2 - Caveats

   121.    Requirements of caveats
   122.    Lodging a caveat
   123.    Notifying caveat
   124.    Effect of lodging caveat
   125.    Withdrawing a caveat
   126.    Lapsing of caveat
   127.    Removing a caveat
   128.    Cancelling a caveat
   129.    Further caveat
   130.    Compensation for improper caveat
   131.    Notices to the caveator

           Division 3 - Powers of attorney and disabilities

   132.    Instrument not registered until power of attorney registered
   132A.   (Repealed)
   133.    Registering power of attorney
   134.    Effect of registering a power of attorney
   135.    Revoking or disclaiming a power of attorney
   136.    Act for a minor
   137.    Act for other person lacking capacity


   138.    Definitions for part
   139.    Depositing priority notice
   140.    Effect of priority notice
   141.    Extending priority notice
   142.    Lapsing of priority notice
   143.    Withdrawing priority notice
   144.    Removing priority notice
   145.    Cancelling priority notice
   146.    Compensation for improper priority notice
   147.    Registrar may withdraw instrument
   148.    Priority of instruments
   149.    Minor correction of priority notice
   150.    (Repealed)
   151.    (Repealed)
   152.    (Repealed)


           Division 1 - General

   153.    When instrument capable of registration
   154.    (Repealed)
   155.    Correcting unregistered instruments
   156.    Requisitions
   156A.   Electronic communication of statutory declaration or affidavit
   157.    Rejecting instrument or document after requisition given
   157A.   Forfeiture of fee on rejecting instrument
   158.    Borrowing lodged or deposited instrument before registration
   159.    Withdrawing lodged instrument before registration
   160.    Registrar may call in instrument for correction or cancellation
   161.    Execution and proof
   162.    Obligations of witness for individual
   163.    (Repealed)
   164.    Dispensing with production of paper instrument
   165.    Requiring plan of survey to be lodged
   166.    Destroying instrument in certain circumstances
   167.    Transferor must do everything necessary etc.
   167A.   Titles registry fees not payable for particular instruments

           Division 2 - Standard terms documents forming part of instruments

   168.    Meaning of standard terms document in div 2
   168A.   References to registered standard terms document
   169.    Standard terms document to which instrument refers may be registered
   170.    Standard terms document that is part of an instrument
   171.    Instrument not limited to that contained in standard terms document
   172.    Withdrawal or cancellation of standard terms document


           Division 1 - Registration of instruments

   173.    How an instrument is registered
   174.    When an instrument is registered
   175.    Time from when instrument forms part of register etc.
   176.    Registered instrument operates as a deed
   177.    Order of registration of instruments
   178.    Priority of registered instruments
   179.    Evidentiary effect of recording particulars in the freehold land register

           Division 2 - Consequences of registration

              Subdivision A - General

   180.    Benefits of registration
   181.    Interest in a lot not transferred or created until registration
   182.    Effect of registration on interest
   183.    Right to have interest registered

              Subdivision B - Indefeasibility

   184.    Quality of registered interests
   185.    Exceptions to s 184
   186.    Action to correct wrong inclusion of a lot
   187.    Orders by Supreme Court about fraud and competing interests

              Subdivision C - Compensation

   188.    Compensation for deprivation of lot or interest in lot
   188A.   Compensation for loss or damage
   188AA.  Compensation for which claim may not be made
   188B.   Order by Supreme Court about deprivation, loss or damage
   188C.   Time limit for claim
   188D.   No right of subrogation for insurers
   189.    Matters for which there is no entitlement to compensation
   189A.   Limit on amounts recoverable by mortgagee
   190.    State’s right of subrogation

   PART 10 - LIENS

   191.    Vendor does not have equitable lien

   PART 10A - (Repealed)


   192.    Words and expressions used in instruments under Act
   193.    Protection from liability
   194.    Approved forms
   195.    Reference to instrument is reference to instrument completed in appropriate form
   196.    References in instruments to a person with an interest in a lot includes personal representatives etc.
   196A.   Publication of particular public notices on department’s website
   197.    Service
   198.    Delivery of paper documents
   198A.   Supply of statistical data
   198B.   Fees for titles registry functions
   199.    Regulation-making power


           Division 1 - Savings and transitional provisions for Act No. 11 of 1994

   200.    Things made under repealed Acts
   201.    Interests and certificates of title under repealed Acts
   202.    (Expired)
   203.    Effect of repeal by this Act
   204.    Registration of instrument lodged before commencement of this Act
   205.    Reference to registrar-general etc.
   206.    References to office of registrar of titles
   207.    Reference to Act repealed by this Act

           Division 2 - Transitional provision for Act No. 57 of 1995

   208.    References to registrar of dealings

           Division 3 - Transitional provision for Guardianship and Administration Act 2000

   209.    Authorisation under repealed s 136 continues for 1 year

           Division 4 - Transitional provision for the Legal Profession Act 2004

   210.    Continuation of particular exclusion of entitlement under s 189

           Division 5 - Transitional provision for Natural Resources and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2010

   211.    Continuing application of no compensation provision

           Division 6 - Transitional provision for Land and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2017

   212.    Existing settlement notices

           Division 7 - Transitional provisions for Land, Explosives and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2019

              Subdivision 1 - Registered building management statements

   213.    Application of s 54D(3)

              Subdivision 2 - Certificates of title

   214.    Definition for subdivision
   215.    Certificates of title cease to be instruments
   216.    Registration of particular instruments lodged before commencement without certificate of title
   217.    Provisions of other Acts relating to certificates of title

           Division 8 - Transitional provisions for Natural Resources and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2019

   218.    Application of s 94
   219.    Application of new s 162

           Division 9 - Transitional provisions for Queensland Future Fund (Titles Registry) Act 2021

   220.    Definitions for division
   221.    Land registry continues
   222.    Engagements and agreements under former s 35
   223.    Approved forms continue as approved forms of registrar
   224.    Public notices published by chief executive under former s 196A

           Division 10 - Transitional provisions for Land and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2024

              Subdivision 1 - Provision for amendments commencing on assent

   225.    Plans of subdivision lodged but not registered before commencement
           SCHEDULE 1
           SCHEDULE 2

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