Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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           Long Title


   1.      Short title  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Objects  
   4.      Overview of Act  
   5.      Act binds Crown  
   6.      Application to external Territories, coastal sea and other waters  
   7.      Racial Discrimination Act  
   8.      Effect of this Act on State or Territory laws  
   8A.     Application of the Criminal Code  
   9.      Definitions located in Part 15  


           Division 1--Recognition and protection of native title

   10.     Recognition and protection of native title  
   11.     Extinguishment of native title  
   13.     Approved determinations of native title  

           Division 2--Validation of past acts

              Subdivision AA--Overview of Division

   13A.    Overview of Division  

              Subdivision A--Acts attributable to the Commonwealth

   14.     Validation of Commonwealth acts  
   15.     Effect of validation on native title  
   16.     Preservation of beneficial reservations and conditions  
   17.     Entitlement to compensation  
   18.     Where just terms invalidity  

              Subdivision B--Acts attributable to a State or Territory

   19.     State/Territory acts may be validated  
   20.     Entitlement to compensation  

           Division 2A--Validation of intermediate period acts etc

              Subdivision A--Overview of Division

   21.     Overview of Division  

              Subdivision B--Acts attributable to the Commonwealth

   22A.    Validation of Commonwealth acts  
   22B.    Effect of validation on native title  
   22C.    Preservation of beneficial reservations and conditions  
   22D.    Entitlement to compensation  
   22E.    Where "just terms" invalidity  
   22EA.   Requirement to notify: mining rights  

              Subdivision C--Acts attributable to a State or Territory

   22F.    State/Territory acts may be validated  
   22G.    Entitlement to compensation  
   22H.    Requirement to notify: mining rights  

           Division 2AA--Validation of transfers under

   22I.    Overview of Division  
   22J.    Validation of transfers  
   22K.    Effect of validation on native title  
   22L.    Entitlement to compensation  

           Division 2B--Confirmation of past extinguishment of native title by certain valid or validated acts

   23A.    Overview of Division  
   23B.    Previous exclusive possession act  
   23C.    Confirmation of extinguishment of native title by previous exclusive possession acts of Commonwealth  
   23D.    Preservation of beneficial reservations and conditions  
   23DA.   Confirmation of validity of use of certain land held by Crown etc.  
   23E.    Confirmation of extinguishment of native title by previous exclusive possession acts of State or Territory  
   23F.    Previous non-exclusive possession act  
   23G.    Confirmation of partial extinguishment of native title by previous non-exclusive possession acts of Commonwealth  
   23H.    Preservation of beneficial reservations and conditions  
   23HA.   Notification  
   23I.    Confirmation of partial extinguishment of native title by previous non-exclusive possession acts of State or Territory  
   23J.    Compensation  
   23JA.   Attribution of certain acts  

           Division 3--Future acts etc

              Subdivision A--Preliminary

   24AA.   Overview  
   24AB.   Order of application of provisions  
   24AC.   Regulations about notification  

              Subdivision B--Indigenous land use agreements

   24BA.   Indigenous land use agreements (body corporate agreements)  
   24BB.   Coverage of body corporate agreements  
   24BC.   Body corporate agreements only where bodies corporate for whole area  
   24BD.   Parties to body corporate agreements  
   24BE.   Consideration and conditions  
   24BF.   Assistance to make body corporate agreements  
   24BG.   Application for registration of body corporate agreements  
   24BH.   Notice of body corporate agreements  
   24BI.   Registration of body corporate agreements  

              Subdivision C--Indigenous land use agreements

   24CA.   Indigenous land use agreements (area agreements)  
   24CB.   Coverage of area agreements  
   24CC.   Requirement that no bodies corporate for whole of area  
   24CD.   Parties to area agreements  
   24CE.   Consideration and conditions  
   24CF.   Assistance to make area agreements  
   24CG.   Application for registration of area agreements  
   24CH.   Notice of area agreements etc.  
   24CI.   Objections against registration  
   24CJ.   Decision about registration  
   24CK.   Registration of area agreements certified by representative bodies  
   24CL.   Registration of area agreements not certified by representative Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander bodies  

              Subdivision D--Indigenous land use agreements

   24DA.   Indigenous land use agreements (alternative procedure agreements)  
   24DB.   Coverage of alternative procedure agreements  
   24DC.   No extinguishment of native title  
   24DD.   Bodies corporate and representative bodies etc.  
   24DE.   Parties to alternative procedure agreements  
   24DF.   Consideration and conditions  
   24DG.   Assistance to make alternative procedure agreements  
   24DH.   Application for registration of alternative procedure agreements  
   24DI.   Notice of alternative procedure agreements  
   24DJ.   Objections against registration  
   24DK.   Decision about registration  
   24DL.   Registration of alternative procedure agreements  
   24DM.   Other registration procedures and conditions  

              Subdivision E--Effect of registration of indigenous land use agreements

   24EA.   Contractual effect of registered agreement  
   24EB.   Effect of registration on proposed acts covered by indigenous land use agreements  
   24EBA.  Effect of registration on previous acts covered by indigenous land use agreements  
   24EC.   Agreements unrelated to future acts  
   24ED.   Amended agreements  

              Subdivision F--Future acts

   24FA.   Consequences if section 24FA protection applies  
   24FB.   When section 24FA protection arises--government applications  
   24FC.   When section 24FA protection arises--non-government applications  
   24FD.   When section 24FA protection arises--entry on National Native Title Register  
   24FE.   Relevant native title claim  

              Subdivision G--Future acts and primary production

   24GA.   Primary production activity  
   24GB.   Acts permitting primary production on non-exclusive agricultural and pastoral leases  
   24GC.   Primary production etc. activities on non-exclusive agricultural or pastoral leases  
   24GD.   Acts permitting off-farm activities that are directly connected to primary production activities  
   24GE.   Granting rights to third parties etc. on non-exclusive agricultural or pastoral leases  

              Subdivision H--Management of water and airspace

   24HA.   Management or regulation of water and airspace  

              Subdivision I--Renewals and extensions etc

   24IA.   Future acts to which this section applies  
   24IB.   Pre-existing right-based acts  
   24IC.   Future acts that are permissible lease etc. renewals  
   24ID.   Effect of Subdivision applying to an act  

              Subdivision JA--Public housing etc

   24JAA.  Public housing etc.  

              Subdivision J--Reservations, leases etc

   24JA.   Acts covered by this Subdivision  
   24JB.   Treatment of acts covered by section 24JA  

              Subdivision K--Facilities for services to the public

   24KA.   Facilities for services to the public  

              Subdivision L--Low impact future acts

   24LA.   Low impact future acts  

              Subdivision M--Acts passing the freehold test

   24MA.   Legislative acts  
   24MB.   Non-legislative acts  
   24MC.   Only onshore places covered  
   24MD.   Treatment of acts that pass the freehold test  

              Subdivision N--Acts affecting offshore places

   24NA.   Acts affecting offshore places  

              Subdivision O--Future acts invalid unless otherwise provided

   24OA.   Future acts invalid unless otherwise provided  

              Subdivision P--Right to negotiate

   25.     Overview of Subdivision  
   26.     When Subdivision applies  
   26A.    Approved exploration etc. acts  
   26B.    Approved gold or tin mining acts  
   26C.    Excluded opal or gem mining  
   26D.    Excluded mining acts: earlier valid acts  
   27.     Arbitral body  
   27A.    Relevant Minister  
   27B.    Conditions under agreements or determinations etc.  
   28.     Act invalid if done before negotiation or objection/appeal etc.  
   29.     Notification of parties affected  
   30.     Other native title parties etc.  
   30A.    Negotiation parties  
   31.     Normal negotiation procedure  
   32.     Expedited procedure  
   33.     Negotiations to include certain things  
   34.     No agreement if determination  
   35.     Application for arbitral body determination  
   36.     Arbitral body determination to be made as soon as practicable  
   36A.    Ministerial determination if arbitral body determination delayed  
   36B.    Consultation prior to section 36A determination  
   36C.    Section 36A determinations  
   37.     No arbitral body determination if agreement or Ministerial determination  
   38.     Kinds of arbitral body determinations  
   39.     Criteria for making arbitral body determinations  
   40.     No re-opening of issues previously decided  
   41.     Effect of determination or agreement  
   41A.    Copies of agreements and determinations  
   41B.    Access to information about agreements  
   42.     Overruling of determinations  
   42A.    Project acts--modified application of Subdivision  
   43.     Modification of Subdivision if satisfactory alternative State or Territory provisions  
   43A.    Exception to right to negotiate: satisfactory State/Territory provisions  
   43B.    Mining rights covering both alternative provision area and other area  
   44.     Additional operation of Subdivision  

              Subdivision Q--Conferral of access rights on native title claimants in respect of non-exclusive agricultural and pastoral leases

   44A.    Conditions for Subdivision to apply  
   44B.    Rights of access for traditional activities  
   44C.    Suspension of native title rights  
   44D.    Certain other laws not affected  
   44E.    Federal Court jurisdiction  
   44F.    Request for mediation  
   44G.    Other mediation, arbitration and agreements not excluded by Subdivision  

           Division 4--Other provisions relating to native title

   44H.    Rights conferred by valid leases etc.  
   45.     RDA compensation to be determined under this Act  
   46.     Effect of grant of leases and licences validated by McArthur River legislation  
   47.     Pastoral leases held by native title claimants  
   47A.    Reserves etc. covered by claimant applications  
   47B.    Vacant Crown land covered by claimant applications  
   47C.    National parks etc. covered by native title applications  

           Division 5--Determination of compensation for acts affecting native title etc

   48.     Compensation payable in accordance with Division  
   49.     No multiple compensation for essentially same act  
   50.     Bodies that may determine compensation  
   51.     Criteria for determining compensation  
   51A.    Limit on compensation  
   52.     Bank guarantee required under right to negotiate procedures  
   52A.    Payment held in trust under right to negotiate procedures  
   53.     Just terms compensation  
   54.     Commonwealth compensation payable from CRF  

           Division 6--Native title functions of prescribed bodies corporate and holding of native title in trust

   55.     Determinations by Federal Court  
   56.     Determination whether native title to be held in trust  
   57.     Determination of prescribed body corporate etc.  
   58.     Functions under regulations  
   59.      Kinds of prescribed bodies corporate may be determined  
   59A.    Prescribed bodies corporate for subsequent determinations of native title  
   60.     Replacement of agent prescribed bodies corporate  
   60AAA.  Assistance in relation to registered native title bodies corporate  
   60AA.   Body corporate for Meriam people  

           Division 7--Financial matters

   60AB.   Fees for services provided by registered native title bodies corporate in performing certain functions  
   60AC.   Opinion of the Registrar of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporations  


           Division 1AA--Overview of Part

   60A.    Overview of Part  

           Division 1--Applications to the Federal Court

   61.     Native title and compensation applications  
   61A.    Restrictions on making of certain applications  
   62.     Information etc. in relation to certain applications  
   62A.    Power of applicants where application authorised by group  
   62B.    General law duties  
   62C.    Acting where persons are jointly the applicant etc.  
   63.     Reference of applications to Native Title Registrar  
   64.     Amendment of applications  
   66.     Notice of application  
   66A.    Notice of amended application  
   66B.    Replacing the applicant  
   66C.    Registrar's role in relation to certain applications relating to future acts  
   67.     Overlapping native title determination applications  
   68.     Only one determination of native title per area  

           Division 1A--Other applications to the Federal Court

   69.     Applications that may be made  
   70.     Federal Court Rules about applications etc.  

           Division 2--Applications to the National Native Title Tribunal

   75.     Right to negotiate applications  
   76.     Material and fees to accompany applications  
   77.     Action to be taken in relation to applications  

           Division 2A--Applications to the Native Title Registrar

   77A.    Material and fees to accompany applications  
   77B.    Action to be taken in relation to applications  

           Division 3--Miscellaneous

   78.     Assistance in relation to proceedings  
   79.     Requests for non-monetary compensation  


           Division 1--Overview of Part

   79A.    Overview of Part  

           Division 1A--General

   80.     Operation of Part  
   81.     Jurisdiction of the Federal Court  
   82.     Federal Court's way of operating  
   83.     Assessor assisting the Federal Court  
   83A.    Federal Court may request searches to be conducted  
   84.     Parties  
   84A.    Intervention by Commonwealth Minister  
   84B.    Parties may appoint an agent  
   84C.    Striking out applications for failure to comply with requirements of this Act  
   84D.    Proceedings affected by possible defect in authorisation  
   85.     Representation before Federal Court  
   85A.    Costs  
   86.     Evidence and findings in other proceedings  

           Division 1B--Reference for mediation

   86A.    Purpose of mediation  
   86B.    Referral of matters for mediation  
   86BA.   Mediator may appear before the Court  
   86C.    Cessation of mediation  
   86D.    Federal Court's powers  
   86E.    Federal Court may request reports from a mediator  

           Division 1C--Agreements and unopposed applications

   86F.    Agreement to settle application etc.  
   86G.    Unopposed applications  
   87.     Power of Federal Court if parties reach agreement  
   87A.    Power of Federal Court to make determination for part of an area  

           Division 2--Conferences etc

   88.     Conferences  
   89.     Right of appearance  
   90.     Participation by telephone etc.  
   91.     Conferences to be held in public except in special circumstances  
   92.     Federal Court may prohibit disclosure of evidence  
   93.     Powers of assessor to take evidence  

           Division 3--Orders

   94.     Order that compensation is payable  
   94A.    Order containing determination of native title  
   94B.    Order relating to an application that has been referred for mediation  
   94C.    Order dismissing an application relating to a future act  

           Division 4--Mediation

   94D.    Mediation conferences  
   94E.    Parties at conferences  
   94F.    Other persons attending or participating in conferences  
   94G.    Producing documents  
   94H.    Referral of questions of fact or law  
   94J.    Referral of questions about whether a party should be dismissed  
   94K.    Conferences to be held in private  
   94L.    Person conducting the mediation may prohibit disclosure of information etc.  
   94M.    Person conducting the mediation etc. must not be required to give evidence or produce documents to a court  
   94N.    Report etc. to be given to Federal Court  
   94P.    Reports about breaches of the requirement to act in good faith  
   94Q.    Public reporting about breaches of the requirement to act in good faith  
   94R.    Protection of person conducting the mediation  
   94S.    Regulations about mediation  


   95.     Appointment of Registrar  
   96.     President may give directions to Registrar  
   96A.    Powers of Registrar--ILUAs and future act negotiations  
   97.     Powers of Registrar--applications  
   97A.    Searches for Federal Court etc.  
   98.     Powers of Registrar--registers  
   98AA.   Powers of Registrar--records of section 31 agreements  
   98A.    Power of Registrar--other public records and information  
   99.     Delegation by Registrar  
   100.    Remuneration and allowances  
   101.    Terms and conditions of appointment  
   102.    Leave of absence  
   103.    Resignation  
   104.    Termination of appointment  
   105.    Outside employment  
   106.    Disclosure of interests by Registrar  
   106A.   Appointment of acting Registrar  


           Division 1--Establishment, purpose and way of operating

   107.    Establishment of the National Native Title Tribunal  
   108.    Function of the Tribunal  
   109.    Tribunal's way of operating  

           Division 2--Membership of the National Native Title Tribunal

   110.    Membership of the Tribunal  
   111.    Appointment of members of Tribunal  
   112.    Appointment of a Judge or an assessor as a member not to affect tenure etc.  
   113.    Delegation to members  
   114.    Remuneration and allowances  
   115.    Terms and conditions of appointment  
   115A.   Acting appointments  
   116.    Oath or affirmation of office  
   117.    Leave of absence  
   118.    Resignation  
   119.    Termination of appointment--members other than Judges or assessors  
   120.    Suspension of members other than a Judge--misbehaviour or incapacity  
   121.    Outside employment  
   122.    Disclosure of interests  

           Division 3--Organisation of the Tribunal

   123.    Arrangement of business  
   124.    Constitution of Tribunal for exercise of powers  
   125.    Reconstitution of the Tribunal  
   126.    Member presiding  
   127.    Places of sitting  

           Division 4--Management of the Tribunal

              Subdivision A--Management responsibilities etc

   128.    Management of administrative affairs of Tribunal  
   129.    Federal Court Chief Executive Officer  
   129A.   Delegation by Federal Court Chief Executive Officer  

              Subdivision B--Other officers, staff and consultants

   130.    Deputy Registrars and staff etc.  
   131A.   President may arrange for consultants to be engaged  
   131B.   Disclosure of interests  

              Subdivision C--Miscellaneous administrative matters

   133.    Annual report  
   136.    Proceedings arising out of administrative affairs of Tribunal  

           Division 4AA--Review on whether there are native title rights and interests

   136GC.  Review on whether there are native title rights and interests  
   136GD.  Member conducting a review may prohibit disclosure of information  
   136GE.  Reports  

           Division 4B--How assistance, mediation or review is to be provided

   136H.   Regulations about assistance, mediation or review  

           Division 5--Inquiries and determinations by the Tribunal

              Subdivision A--Special inquiries

   137.    Special inquiries  
   138.    Notice  

              Subdivision AA--Native title application inquiries

   138A.   Application  
   138B.   Native title application inquiries  
   138C.   Tribunal to hold inquiry  
   138D.   Notice to be given to certain persons before inquiry is held  
   138E.   Relationship to mediation and reviews on whether there are native title rights and interests  
   138F.   Cessation of inquiry  
   138G.   Inquiries may cover more than one proceeding  

              Subdivision B--Inquiries--General

   139.    Inquiries  
   140.    Inquiries may cover more than one matter  
   141.    Parties  
   142.    Opportunity to make submissions concerning evidence  
   143.    Representation before Tribunal  
   144.    Manner in which questions to be decided  
   145.    Reference of questions of law to the Federal Court  
   146.    Evidence and findings in other proceedings  
   147.    Power of Tribunal where a proceeding is frivolous or vexatious  
   148.    Power of Tribunal where no jurisdiction, failure to proceed etc.  
   149.    Power of Tribunal where applicant requests dismissal  
   149A.   Power of Tribunal to reinstate application  

              Subdivision C--Conferences and hearings

   150.    Conferences  
   151.    Hearings  
   152.    Right of appearance  
   153.    Participation by telephone etc.  
   154.    Hearings to be held in public except in special circumstances  
   154A.   Exception--hearings to be held in private if held during course of a native title application inquiry  
   155.    Tribunal may prohibit disclosure of evidence  
   156.    Powers of Tribunal to take evidence  
   157.    Tribunal may authorise another person to take evidence  
   158.    Interpreters  
   159.    Retention and copying of documents  

              Subdivision D--Determinations and reports

   162.    Determination of the Tribunal--right to negotiate applications  
   163.    Reports after special inquiries  
   163AA.  Reports after inquiries into subsection 24DJ(1) objection applications  
   163A.   Reports after native title application inquiries  
   164.    Determinations and reports to be in writing  

              Subdivision F--Appeals

   169.    Appeals to Federal Court from decisions and determinations of the Tribunal  
   170.    Operation and implementation of a decision or determination that is subject to appeal  

           Division 6--Offences

   171.    Failure of witness to attend  
   172.    Refusal to be sworn or to answer questions etc.  
   173.    Giving of false or misleading evidence  
   174.    Refusal to produce document  
   176.    Contravention of direction prohibiting disclosure of evidence  
   177.    Contempt of Tribunal  

           Division 7--Miscellaneous

   178.    Sending of documents to the Federal Court  
   179.    Return of documents etc. at completion of proceeding  
   180.    Protection of members and persons giving evidence  
   181.    Confidential information not to be disclosed  
   182.    Fees for persons giving evidence  


   184.    Claims to native title  
   185.    Register of Native Title Claims  
   186.    Contents of the Register  
   187.    Inspection of the Register  
   188.    Parts of the Register may be kept confidential  
   189.    Senior Registrar of the High Court to notify Registrar  
   189A.   Federal Court Chief Executive Officer to notify Native Title Registrar  
   190.    Keeping the Register  
   190A.   Registrar to consider claims  
   190B.   Registration: conditions about merits of the claim  
   190C.   Registration: conditions about procedural and other matters  
   190D.   If the claim cannot be registered--notice of decision  
   190E.   If the claim cannot be registered--reconsideration by the NNTT  
   190F.   If the claim cannot be registered--review by Federal Court  
   191.    Delegation by Registrar to recognised State/Territory body  


   192.    National Native Title Register  
   193.    Contents of the Register  
   194.    Inspection of the Register  
   195.    Parts of the Register may be kept confidential  
   197.    Keeping the Register  
   198.    Delegation by Registrar to recognised State/Territory body  
   199.    Registrar to notify land titles office  


   199A.   Register of Indigenous Land Use Agreements  
   199B.   Contents of the Register etc.  
   199C.   Removal of details of agreement from Register  
   199D.   Inspection of the Register  
   199E.   Parts of the Register to be kept confidential  
   199F.   Delegation by Registrar  


   200.    Financial assistance to States and Territories  


           Division 1--Preliminary

   201A.   Definitions  
   201B.   Eligible bodies  

           Division 2--Recognition of representative Aboriginal

   203A.   Inviting applications for recognition  
   203AA.  Revocation of invitations  
   203AAA. Eligible body must notify the Commonwealth Minister if it decides not to apply for recognition etc.  
   203AB.  Application for recognition  
   203AC.  Dealing with applications  
   203AD.  Recognition of representative bodies  
   203AE.  Commonwealth Minister may vary an area for which a body is the representative body  
   203AF.  Notification requirements for the variation of an area on the Commonwealth Minister's own initiative  
   203AG.  Notice of decision on variation  
   203AH.  Withdrawal of recognition  
   203AI.  Matters to which Commonwealth Minister must have regard  

           Division 3--Functions and powers of representative bodies

   203B.   Functions of representative bodies  
   203BA.  How functions of representative bodies are to be performed  
   203BB.  Facilitation and assistance functions  
   203BC.  How facilitation and assistance functions are to be performed  
   203BD.  Matters that overlap different representative body areas  
   203BE.  Certification functions  
   203BF.  Dispute resolution functions  
   203BG.  Notification functions  
   203BH.  Agreement making function  
   203BI.  Internal review functions  
   203BJ.  Other functions  
   203BK.  Powers of representative bodies  

           Division 4--Finance

   203C.   Funding of representative bodies  
   203CA.  Conditions of funding  
   203CB.  Banking and investment  

           Division 5--Accountability

   203DA.  Accounting records  
   203DB.  Payments to be properly made etc.  
   203DF.  Inspection and audit, or investigation, of a representative body  
   203DG.  Access to information  
   203DH.  Effect of withdrawal of recognition  

           Division 6--Conduct of directors and other executive officers

   203E.   Application of Division  
   203EA.  Representative bodies that are not corporations  
   203EB.  Representative bodies registered under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006  

           Division 7--Miscellaneous

   203F.   Secretary to inform Minister of certain matters  
   203FB.  Review of assistance decisions  
   203FBA. External review  
   203FBB. Review by Secretary of the Department  
   203FC.  Transfer of documents and records  
   203FCA. Representative body etc. to comply with wishes of traditional custodians  
   203FD.  Liability of executive officers etc.  
   203FE.  Provision of funding by the Commonwealth  
   203FEA. Application of this Act to persons and bodies funded under subsection 203FE(1)  
   203FEB. Application of this Act to persons and bodies funded under subsection 203FE(2)  
   203FEC. Certain provisions do not apply to persons and bodies funded under subsection 203FE(1) or (2)  
   203FED. Liability  
   203FF.  Financial and accountability requirements imposed by other legislation  
   203FG.  False statements etc.  
   203FH.  Conduct by directors, employees and agents  
   203FI.  Delegation  


   207A.   Recognised State/Territory body  
   207B.   Equivalent State/Territory bodies  


   208.    Act not to apply so as to exceed Commonwealth power  
   209.    Reports by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner  
   209A.   Evaluation of amendments made by the Native Title Legislation Amendment Act 2021  
   210.    Operation of beneficial land rights laws not affected  
   211.    Preservation of certain native title rights and interests  
   212.    Confirmation of ownership of natural resources, access to beaches etc.  
   213.    Provisions relating to Federal Court jurisdiction  
   213A.   Assistance from Attorney-General  
   214.    Application of amended rules of evidence in proceedings before the Federal Court  
   215.    Regulations  


           Division 1--List of definitions

   222.    List of definitions  

           Division 2--Key concepts

   223.    Native title  
   224.    Native title holder  
   225.    Determination of native title  
   226.    Act  
   227.    Act affecting native title  
   228.    Past act  
   229.    Category A past act  
   230.    Category B past act  
   231.    Category C past act  
   232.    Category D past act  
   232A.   Intermediate period act  
   232B.   Category A intermediate period act  
   232C.   Category B intermediate period act  
   232D.   Category C intermediate period act  
   232E.   Category D intermediate period act  
   233.    Future act  
   237.    Act attracting the expedited procedure  
   237A.   Extinguish  
   238.    Non-extinguishment principle  
   239.    Act attributable to the Commonwealth, a State or a Territory  
   240.    Similar compensable interest test  

           Division 3--Leases

   241.    Coverage of Division  
   242.    Lease  
   243.    Lessee  
   244.    Permit  
   245.    Mining lease  
   246.    Commercial lease  
   247.    Agricultural lease  
   247A.   Exclusive agricultural lease  
   247B.   Non-exclusive agricultural lease  
   248.    Pastoral lease  
   248A.   Exclusive pastoral lease  
   248B.   Non-exclusive pastoral lease  
   249.    Residential lease  
   249A.   Community purposes lease  
   249B.   Perpetual lease  
   249C.   Scheduled interest  

           Division 4--Sundry definitions etc

   250.    Application to things happening before commencement  
   251A.   Authorising the making of indigenous land use agreements  
   251B.   Authorising the making of applications  
   251BA.  Conditions on authority  
   251C.   Towns and cities  
   251D.   Land or waters on which a public work is constructed, established or situated  
   252.    Notify the public in the determined way  
   253.    Other definitions  
           SCHEDULE 1 Scheduled interests

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