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HEALTH CARE ACT 2008 (NO 3 OF 2008)


           Long Title

   PART 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title
   2.      Commencement
   3.      Interpretation
   4.      Objects of Act
   5.      Principles

   PART 2--Minister and Chief Executive

   6.      Minister
   7.      Chief Executive
   8.      Delegations

   PART 3--Health Performance Council

   9.      Establishment of Health Performance Council
   10.     Provisions relating to members, procedures and committees and subcommittees
   11.     Functions of HPC
   12.     Annual report
   13.     4-yearly report
   14.     Use of facilities

   PART 4--Health Advisory Councils

           Division 1--Establishment of Councils

   15.     Establishment of Councils
   16.     Status
   17.     Constitution and rules

           Division 2--Functions and powers

   18.     Functions
   19.     Specific provisions in relation to powers

           Division 3--Related matters

   20.     Specific provisions in relation to property
   21.     Accounts and audit
   22.     Annual report
   23.     Use of facilities
   24.     Delegations
   25.     Access to information
   26.     Common seal
   27.     Schedule 2 has effect
   28.     Administration

   PART 5--Hospitals

           Division 1--Incorporation

   29.     Incorporation
   30.     Hospital to serve the community
   31.     General powers of incorporated hospital
   32.     Common seal

           Division 2--Management arrangements

   33.     Management arrangements

           Division 3--Employed staff

   34.     Employed staff
   35.     Superannuation and accrued rights etc

           Division 4--Accounts, audits and reports

   36.     Accounts and audit
   37.     Annual report

           Division 5--Sites, facilities and property

   38.     Ability to operate at various sites
   39.     Ability to provide a range of services and facilities
   40.     Acquisition of property

           Division 6--Delegations

   41.     Delegations

           Division 7--By-laws and removal of persons

   42.     By-laws
   43.     Removal of persons

           Division 8--Fees

   44.     Fees

           Division 9--Rights of hospitals against insurers

   45.     Interpretation
   46.     Report of accidents to which this Division applies
   47.     Notice by designated entity to insurer
   48.     First claim of designated entity

   PART 6--Ambulance services

           Division 1--South Australian Ambulance Service (SAAS)

   49.     Continuation of SAAS
   50.     Management arrangements
   51.     Functions and powers of SAAS
   52.     Employed staff
   53.     Accrued rights for employees
   54.     Delegation
   55.     Accounts and audit
   56.     Annual report

           Division 2--Provision of ambulance services

   57.     Emergency ambulance services
   58.     Licence to provide non-emergency ambulance services

           Division 3--Miscellaneous

   59.     Fees for ambulance services
   60.     Holding out etc
   61.     Power to use force to enter premises
   62.     Exemptions

   PART 7--Quality improvement and research

   63.     Preliminary
   64.     Declaration of authorised activities and authorised persons
   65.     Provision of information
   66.     Protection of information
   67.     Protection from liability

   PART 8--Analysis of adverse incidents

   68.     Preliminary
   69.     Appointment of teams
   70.     Restrictions on teams
   71.     Provision of information
   72.     Reports
   73.     Protection of information
   74.     Immunity provision
   75.     Victimisation

   PART 9--Testamentary gifts and trusts

   76.     Interpretation
   77.     Application of Part
   78.     Testamentary gifts and trusts

   PART 10--Private hospitals

   79.     Prohibition of operating private hospitals unless licensed
   80.     Application for licence
   81.     Grant of licence
   82.     Conditions of licence
   83.     Offence for licence holder to contravene Act or licence condition
   84.     Duration of licences
   85.     Transfer of licence
   86.     Surrender, suspension and cancellation of licences
   87.     Appeal against decision or order of Minister
   88.     Inspectors

   PART 11--Miscellaneous

   89.     Application of PSM Act
   90.     Recognised organisations
   91.     Duty of Registrar-General
   92.     Conflict of interest
   93.     Confidentiality and disclosure of information
   94.     Offences by bodies corporate
   95.     General defence
   96.     Evidentiary provision
   97.     Administrative acts
   98.     Forms of Ministerial approvals
   99.     Gift funds established by Minister
   100.    Regulations
   101.    Review of governance arrangements--Country regions of State
           SCHEDULE 1--Health Performance Council
           SCHEDULE 2--Health Advisory Councils
           SCHEDULE 3--Special provisions relating to the Repatriation General Hospital
           SCHEDULE 4--Related amendments, repeals and transitional provisions
           Legislative history

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