Victorian Current Acts

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   1.      Purposes  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Definitions  
   4.      Interpretation  
   5.      Objects  
   6.      Relationship of this Act to other laws  
   7.      Rights and liabilities  
   8.      Act binds the Crown  


           Division 1--Performance of functions

   8A.     Functions of Information Commissioner  
   8B.     Functions of Privacy and Data Protection Deputy Commissioner  
   8C.     Information privacy functions  
   8D.     Protective data security and law enforcement data security functions  
   8E.     Performance of concurrent functions  
   8F.     Information Commissioner may confer functions on Privacy and Data Protection Deputy Commissioner  
   8G.     General powers of Information Commissioner and Privacy and Data Protection Deputy Commissioner  

           Division 2--Privacy and Data Protection Deputy Commissioner

   8H.     Appointment of Privacy and Data Protection Deputy Commissioner  
   8I.     Terms and conditions of appointment of Privacy and Data Protection Deputy Commissioner  
   8J.     Remuneration  
   8K.     Vacancy and resignation of Privacy and Data Protection Deputy Commissioner  
   8L.     Suspension and removal from office  
   8M.     Acting Privacy and Data Protection Deputy Commissioner  
   8N.     Validity of acts and decisions  

           Division 3--General

   8O.     Delegation  
   8P.     Directions  


   9.      Definition  
   10.     Courts, tribunals etc.  
   10A.    Royal Commissions etc.  
   11.     Parliamentary Committees  
   12.     Publicly-available information  


           Division 1--Application of this Part

   13.     Public sector organisations to which this Part applies  
   14.     Exemption—Freedom of Information Act 1982  
   15.     Exemption—law enforcement  
   15A.    Exemption—information sharing under the Family Violence Protection Act 2008  
   15B.    Exemption—information sharing under the Child Wellbeing and Safety Act 2005  
   15C.    Exemption—information sharing for quality and safety purposes under the Health Services Act 1988  
   15D.    Information sharing under Division 6 of Part 4A of Terrorism (Community Protection) Act 2003  
   16.     What is an interference with privacy of an individual?  
   17.     Effect of outsourcing  

           Division 2--Information Privacy Principles

   18.     Information Privacy Principles  
   19.     Application of Information Privacy Principles  
   20.     Organisations to comply with Information Privacy Principles  

           Division 3--Codes of practice

   21.     Codes of practice  
   22.     Process for approval of code of practice or code amendment  
   23.     Organisations bound by code of practice  
   24.     Effect of approved code  
   25.     Codes of practice register  
   26.     Revocation of approval  
   27.     Effect of revocation of approval or amendment or expiry of approved code  

           Division 4--Capacity to consent or make a request or exercise right of access

   28.     Capacity to consent or make a request or exercise right of access  

           Division 5--Public interest determinations and temporary public interest determinations

   29.     Public interest determination  
   30.     Application taken to be application for temporary public interest determination on request  
   31.     Information Commissioner may make public interest determination  
   32.     Effect of public interest determination  
   33.     Duration of public interest determination  
   34.     Amendment of public interest determination  
   35.     Revocation of public interest determination  
   36.     Reporting and review  
   37.     Temporary public interest determination  
   38.     Application for temporary public interest determination  
   39.     Information Commissioner may make temporary public interest determination  
   40.     Duration of temporary public interest determination  
   41.     Revocation of temporary public interest determination  
   42.     Disallowance of determinations  

           Division 6--Information usage arrangements

   43.     Definitions  
   44.     Approval of arrangement not required if information use otherwise permitted  
   45.     Meaning of information usage arrangement  
   46.     Parties to an information usage arrangement  
   47.     Information Commissioner to consider information usage arrangement  
   48.     Information Commissioner's report  
   49.     Information Commissioner's certificate  
   50.     Ministerial approval of information usage arrangement  
   51.     Effect of approved information usage arrangement  
   52.     Amendment of approved information usage arrangement  
   53.     Revocation of approval of information usage arrangement  
   54.     Reporting requirements for approved information usage arrangements  

           Division 7--Certification

   55.     Information Commissioner may certify consistency of act or practice  
   56.     Review of decision to issue certificate  

           Division 8--Information privacy complaints

   57.     Complaints  
   58.     Complaint referred to Information Commissioner  
   59.     Complaints by minors  
   60.     Complaints by people with a disability  
   61.     Information Commissioner must notify respondent  
   62.     Circumstances in which Information Commissioner may decline to entertain complaint  
   63.     Information Commissioner may refer complaint  
   64.     Information Commissioner may dismiss stale complaint  
   65.     Minister may refer a complaint direct to VCAT  
   66.     What happens if conciliation is inappropriate?  
   67.     Conciliation process  
   68.     Information Commissioner may issue notice to produce or attend  
   69.     Conciliation agreements  
   70.     Evidence of conciliation is inadmissible  
   71.     What happens if conciliation fails?  
   72.     VCAT may make interim orders before hearing  
   73.     When may VCAT hear a complaint?  
   74.     Who are the parties to a proceeding?  
   75.     Time limits for complaints referred by the Minister  
   76.     Inspection of exempt documents by VCAT  
   77.     What may VCAT decide?  

           Division 9--Enforcement of Information Privacy Principles and approved information usage arrangements

   78.     Compliance notice  
   79.     Power to compel production of documents or attendance of witness  
   82.     Offence not to comply with compliance notice  
   83.     Application for review  

           Division 10--Notices to produce or attend

   83A.    Notice to produce or attend  
   83B.    Variation or revocation of a notice to produce or attend  
   83C.    Service of notice to produce documents or to attend  
   83D.    Office of the Information Commissioner to report to the Victorian Inspectorate on issue of notice to produce or attend  
   83E.    Power to take evidence on oath or affirmation  
   83F.    Legal advice and representation  
   83G.    Protection of legal practitioners and persons—notice to produce or attend  
   83GA.   Audio or video recording of examination  
   83H.    Failure to comply with notice to produce or attend  
   83I.    Reasonable excuse—self-incrimination  
   83J.    Reasonable excuse—cabinet documents and legal professional privilege  
   83K.    Statutory secrecy not a reasonable excuse  
   83L.    Act applies equally to attendance in person or by audio or audio visual link  


           Division 1--Application of Part

   84.     Application of Part  

           Division 2--Protective data security framework

   85.     Information Commissioner to develop Victorian protective data security framework  

           Division 3--Protective data security standards

   86.     Information Commissioner may issue protective data security standards  
   87.     Amendment, revocation or reissue of standards  
   88.     Compliance with protective data security standards  

           Division 4--Protective data security plans

   89.     Protective data security plans  
   90.     Exemption—Freedom of Information Act 1982  


   91.     Application of Part  
   92.     Information Commissioner may issue law enforcement data security standards  
   93.     Inconsistency with protective data security standards  
   94.     Compliance with law enforcement data security standards  


           Division 1--General powers of Information Commissioner

   106.    Information Commissioner may require access to data and data systems from public sector body Heads  
   107.    Information Commissioner may require access to data and data systems from Chief Commissioner of Police  
   108.    Information Commissioner may request access to crime statistics data  
   109.    Information Commissioner may copy or take extracts from data  
   110.    Public sector body Heads to provide assistance  
   111.    Reports to the Minister and other reports  
   112.    Disclosure during course of compliance audit—data security  
   113.    Disclosure to the IBAC  

           Division 2--Reporting

   116.    Annual reports  


   117.    Protection from liability  
   118.    Employees and agents  
   119.    Fees for access  
   120.    Secrecy  
   121.    Information Commissioner to give notice before certain disclosures  
   122.    Offence to obstruct, mislead or provide false information  
   123.    Offences by organisations or bodies  
   124.    Prosecutions  
   125.    Regulations  


   126.    Repeal of Information Privacy Act 2000  
   127.    Repeal of Commissioner for Law Enforcement Data Security Act 2005  
   128.    Transitional and savings provisions  
   129.    Transitional provisions—Freedom of Information Amendment (Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner) Act 2017  
           SCHEDULE 1
           SCHEDULE 2
           SCHEDULE 3

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